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Are you dreaming of growing your own fresh herbs but you don’t have a backyard? No worries! You can still have your own small garden made with lattice and hanging pots. Let me show you how...


– 4×8 Piece of White Vinyl Lattice – Command Strips – Vinyl Siding Clips – Wall Hanging Planter Pots – Selection of fresh herbs

Determine the size and location of the lattice wall

Start by measuring the area where you want to attach the lattice to ensure accurate placement.

Gather the necessary tools and materials

Because we are not permanently attaching the lattice to the balcony, you don’t need many tools. Command picture hanging strips will be your best friend with this DIY hanging project!

Attach the lattice wall panel where you want it to go against the wall.

Secure the picture hanging strips to the back of the lattice where it meets with the vinyl siding. Don't be stingy with the hanging strips. One large pack should be all that you need for this size. Also add several vinyl siding clips for extra support.

Add Your Herbs to the Planters

The planters are self-watering. Simply place the included piece of rope in the bottom of the smaller black pot, then add water to the white pot and add your plant.

This set of planters  include S-hooks for hanging. It's super easy to create a hanging herb garden with this set! 

Measure and Hang the Planters on the Lattice

I decided to hang 3 rows of 3 pots each so I measured about 16″ apart for each planter. Simply use the included s-hooks to hang the plant.

You will be ready to enjoy your freshly grown herbs in no time!

I love how it turned out and it was surprisingly easy! Plus, it is renter-friendly with no damage done to the vinyl siding.


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