Easy Dollar Store Plastic Tablecloth Sunflower Wreath

Supplies 2 Yellow Plastic Tablecloths – Metal Wreath FrameScrap BurlapHot Glue GunScissors

Step 1. Lay the plastic tablecloth on a flat surface exactly how it comes folded out of the package. Cut strips about 1.5″ in width.

Step 2. Repeat this process. You should end up with about 4-5 long strips.

Step 3. Cut the strips in half lengthwise.

Step 4. Cut a pointed tip on both ends of all the strips. It does not have to be perfect. You just want a pointy edge.

Step 5. Separate the strips and  tie single strips to the top wire of the wreath form. For the fullness, you do need to tie a single strip at a time.

Step 6. Continue tying strips to each section. Once the top row is done, repeat at the next metal ring. There are 4 rings total.

Step 8. Once the entire wreath form is covered, it’s time to fluff the wreath. Use your fingers and fluff the pieces. Then turn it upside down and shake it like a tambourine!

At this point you can stop for a bright sunshine yellow wreath. To make a sunflower wreath, follow the next step. 

Step 9. Glue burlap to a piece of cardboard and secure it with hot glue to the back of the wreath. It instantly looks like a sunflower. You may want to use brown burlap.

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