Quick and Easy Spring Tea Cup Planter

Supplies Vintage Teacup and Saucer  Reindeer Moss  Hanging Ceramic Bunnies  Small Birds  Floral Foam Hot glue gun E-6000

Step 1. Start by cutting the floral foam to fit snugly inside your tea cup. No glue needed.

Step 2. Cover the top of the foam with your choice of moss. I didn’t even use any glue. Push the moss into the sides of the foam

Step 3.  Add spring flowers. Get creative with color combinations and flowers.

Step 4. Simply trim the flowers to fit into the cup. Just push them into the foam.

QUICK TIP  Don't overfill the tea cup. Less is more...

Decorate with birds, bunnies or other spring embellishments

If you want to gift these sweet planters, it’s best to secure the teacup to the saucer using E-6000 and hot glue.

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So pretty!


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