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Get inspired to decorate your home for the holidays with these simple, beautiful and budget-friendly Christmas ideas! 

CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATING TIP  Use wired ribbon, at least 2.5" wide, to add depth and dimension to your tree. It helps to use at least 2 different colors or patterns. I went with red and white for a classic look.

CHRISTMAS MANTEL  When decorating a mantel, choose a focal point and decorate around that. Oversized art or a large wreath works great above a mantel. Don't forget to add tall items to flank each end of the mantel. Work in groups of 3.

CHRISTMAS WREATHS  Wreaths can be used in any room of the house, indoors or out. Go with classic pine, or add pops of color with ornaments.

FREE CHRISTMAS WALL ART  Make a statement by hanging large wall art in elegant thrift store frames. Get the free Santa printable on my blog @ourcraftymom 

COFFEE TABLE CHRISTMAS VIGNETTE   Easily create a vignette on a living room coffee table. A glass vase, or cloche, filled with faux snow works great. A collection of bottle brush trees is another option. 

DECORATING BOOKSHELVES  Add your most favorite Christmas decorations to a bookshelf to make them really stand out. LED candles on timers are a perfect way to add a cozy touch.

DECORATE WITH UNEXPECTED ITEMS Mix and match items-they don't have to be traditional Christmas decor. A vintage typewriter works great as a "Letters to Santa" station. Download the free Santa letter with the below link.

ADD MIRRORS TO REFLECT LIGHTS  Mirrors hung behind a tree, or bookcase, are a perfect way to reflect twinkling lights. 

COZY PILLOWS AND THROWS Decorate with layers for the holidays. Warm, furry throws and pillows bring in warmth and texture. Perfect for cuddling up on family movie night!

See the rest of the red and white Christmas decorations with the link below!

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