DIY Spring Glass Cloche with Pressed Flowers

Supplies Glass Cloche Mod Podge  Foam Brush Pressed Flowers Metallic Paint Fairy Lights Reindeer Craft Moss

Step 1. Use a foam brush to cover the entire inside of the glass with mod podge.

Step 2. I wanted the glass to have a clear stained glass effect, so I “pounced” the foam brush onto the glass. 

Let dry overnight. You can add another coat if you like, but I was happy with this finish.

Step 3. Now for the fun part; add the pressed flowers.

Place an area of mod podge onto the inside of the glass where the flower will be placed.

Also add mod podge to the front of the flower.

It’s best to start with the larger flowers or greenery first, then fill in around it. Press the flower down to secure it to the glass.

Step 4. Continue adding flowers until you are happy with the coverage. I ended up using about 12 flowers. Let dry overnight.

Step 5. Paint the wood base if you like. Add moss and fairy lights.

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So pretty!


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