How To Make a Standing Dollar Store Gnome

Gather fresh magnolia leaves...

Step 1. Start with 2 Dollar Tree Christmas trees. Fluff the stems, but face the stems down.

Snip them close to the stem...

Step 2. Wrap the top stem of the tree around the two trees to help hold them together.

Use mod podge on each leaf...

Step 3.  Cut a piece of a foam block to fit in Santa boots and place it inside.

You will need 2-3 coats to cover front and backs of each leave...

Step 4. Push the two Christmas trees into the foam in the Santa boots.

Step 5. Fold the buffalo plaid scarf in half and cut two oval shapes for the gnome gloves. 

Step 6. Hot glue the gloves together. Fold them right side out so the rough edges don’t show.

Step 7.  Make the gnome’s hat by folding the scarf in half and cutting from end to end at the diagonal. Hot glue all but the bottom 3 inches.

Step 8. Fold the bottom 3 inches of the hat to form a cuff and place it on the gnome tree. 

Step 9. Hot glue a jingle bell to the bottom of the gnome’s hat.

Step 10.  Hot glue an ornament below the front of the hat for a nose.

Step 11.  Add a little bit of white paint to the front to create a light beard.