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Make An Adorable Dollar Store Christmas Gnome

Make your own absolutely adorable Dollar Store Christmas Gnome with this inexpensive and simple tutorial.

dollar store christmas gnome

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Hello and welcome to Our Crafty Mom. The Dollar Store Divas are back featuring DIY Dollar Store Christmas craft and decorating ideas. 

At the end of the post, you can click on the links to see the rest of the Christmas inspired DIY projects. I’m totally jumping on the gnome bandwagon with this adorable Christmas gnome.

I think gnomes are kind of like candy corn, you either love them or hate them. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan for some time, but they have totally grown on me and this Christmas tree version has become a favorite. 


So, are you team gnome? If so, you will love this easy and inexpensive tutorial. 

Supplies Needed For Dollar Store Christmas Gnome

All of the supplies are from the Dollar Tree, except the ceramic boots.

christmas tree gnome supplies

Step 1.

Remove the Christmas trees from the boxes and start fluffing the stems, but face the stems down, instead of up like you normally would on a Christmas tree.

two Christmas trees together

Step 2.

Wrap the top stem of the tree around the two trees to help hold them together.

dollar store tree with glue gun

Step 3.

Cut a piece of the foam block to fit in the Santa boots and place it inside. It should fit snug. 

santa boots

foam inside santa boots

Step 4.

Push the two Christmas trees inside the foam in the Santa boots.

 Christmas trees in santa boots

Step 5.

Fold the buffalo plaid scarf in half and cut a two pairs of oval shapes to use for the gnomes gloves.

buffalo check scarf being cut

Step 6.

Hot glue the gloves together and fold them right side out so the rough edges don’t show.

buffalo check gnome gloves

Step 7.

Make the gnome’s hat by folding the scarf in half and cutting from end to end at the diagonal. Hot glue all but the bottom 3 inches.

gnome felt scarf buffalo plaid

Step 8.

Fold the bottom 3 inches of the hat to form a cuff and place it on the gnome tree. The hat should be placed lower on the back of the gnome. 

buffalo plaid hat on Christmas gnome

Step 9.

Hot glue a jingle bell to the bottom of the gnome’s hat.

jingle bell for Christmas gnome

Step 10.

Hot glue an ornament directly below the front center of the hat to form a nose. The second you add the nose, it totally transforms into a gnome!

ornament ball on gnome for nose

Step 11.

Add the mittens to each side by placing them on one of the stems. Use the strings from the scarf to tie them on. This is a cute little detail. 

gnome's gloves

Step 12.

Add a little bit of white paint to the front to create a light beard. This is optional, but it does give it some texture.

white paint on Christmas gnome

You are done! I’m so happy with how this little guy turned out. I have one more set of boots, so I plan to make a wife for this Christmas gnome. I’m thinking I’ll go with a pink plaid hat and may use a white tree. I’ll definitely come back and share it.

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Store Christmas Gnome. I’d love it if you would share it with your friends. Thanks so much!

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Dollar Tree Christmas Gnome

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