– Polycrylic Clear Stain Hairpin Legs 28″ Foam Brush 66″ Black Walnut Kiln Dried Wood Slab TOOLS Drill – Sander


STEP 1.  Give the wood a good sanding with an orbit sander. Make sure you clean it off well to remove any dust or dirt.

STEP 2.  Next up, give it a good 3-4 coats of poly and let it dry overnight.

STEP 3.  Measure where you want the hairpin legs to go. Mark it with a pencil.

STEP 4. Use a drill along with the included hardware to attach the hairpin legs. It helps to pre-drill the holdes.

I'm thrilled with how this unique wood desk turned out. It's also the perfect height to use as a console table. It's a statement piece in any room!

Get the full tutorial on the blog with the link here: