STEP 1.  Cut out a square of red felt or ribbon (I used ribbon) about 4″x4″ for the gnome hat.

STEP 2. Fold it over to form a triangle. Run a bead of hot glue along the felt and press to secure.

STEP 3. Cut a small piece of sherpa fabric and fold it in half. 

STEP 4. Add a dab of hot glue to the tip of the gnome hat and secure the sherpa pompom.

STEP 5.  Cut the faux fur for the gnome beard.

STEP 6.  Attach the beard to the gnome hat.

STEP 7.  Cut a narrow strip of sherpa fabric and hot glue it to the Santa hat for the trim.

STEP 8.  Place the Santa jacket on the wine bottle and place the hat on top.

STEP 9. Glue the nose below the hat. Decorate with your cute gnome!