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55 Brilliant Ideas For Quick And Easy DIY Gifts In A Jar

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Create your own DIY gifts in a jar perfect for any occasion including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or just because.

55 homemade diy gifts in a jar

DIY Gifts in a Jar

I’ve gathered 55 amazing DIY gifts in a jar, with homemade gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Whether you need a last minute holiday gift or you want a thoughtful gift for mom, dad, a teacher or a just because gift, you will find something here!

I reached out to the blogging community to share the best of the best homemade gifts in a jar.

Plus, I made it really easy for you to find what you need.

55 homemade diy gifts in a jar

I broke it down into categories, so you can quickly find ideas that will work for you.

There are not only food ideas, but also clever gifts like sugar scrubs and pedicure kits.


55 Brilliant Ideas For Quick And Easy DIY Gifts In A Jar

Get ready to check out 55 amazing DIY gifts in a jar, broken down by category including, food, sugar scrubs, drink ideas and more! They are perfect for last minute gift giving, that are homemade for a little extra meaning then just picking up a store bought gift.

Food Gifts In A Jar

Food gifts in a jar are extremely popular, because there are so many recipe ideas and they are usually inexpensive to make. Plus, they are great to give to teachers, neighbors and more.

Homemade Spices and Rubs

Make your best homemade rub, or spice mix, for a thoughtful gift in a jar. Add a gift tag and include a tip or recipe, and you have a perfect gift idea!

DIY Sugar Scrubs And Bath Salts Gifts In A Jar

DIY Sugar scrubs are so fun to make because there are so many varieties from lavender to peppermint, citrus and more. They are inexpensive to make and you can use your favorite combinations for a perfect gift in a jar!

Homemade Syrups, Cocktails and Infusions

From maple syrup to homemade lavender syrup, there are easy to make recipes that you can give to your adult friends for a little Christmas cheer!

DIY Gifts In A Jar

Make stove top potpourri, create a fun pedicure in a jar, and more with these super creative gift ideas.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Gifts In A Jar

We all love hot chocolate in the cold winter months. There are so many great varieties and creative ways to gift it.

So many wonderful gift ideas, right?

I was already inspired to make the Sangria gift for a friend of mine. Hopefully, you enjoyed these ideas.

Let me know if you try any of them, or if you have a favorite. 

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55 diy gifts in a jar

Here are a few other holiday gift ideas that you may want to check out: 

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Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

What great ideas, Michelle. Very helpful for those of us that will be scrambling if our packages are delayed in the mail.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.