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DIY Ornament Ideas With Cricut

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Welcome to another addition of Michelle James². Today we are sharing a Christmas project, because it really is only 10 weeks away! Yikes!

DIY Ornament Ideas With Cricut Our Crafty Mom

You all know how much I love my Cricut. Now that I have gotten pretty comfortable with it, I find I am using it all the time. I have the Cricut Explore Air and you can read about it by clicking Cricut Explore Air™“. Of  course I had to make some DIY Christmas Ornaments. Being a crafter my friends and family expect handmade from me-which I love-but there is just a little pressure. One year I had a really busy time around my Dad’s birthday and I actually bought him a card, instead of making him one.  He definitely was not happy to see the bought card! I think it was the first time in about 5 years that I bought one. That won’t happen again! This year I decided to start early with my crafting. Christmas Ornaments are something I love to make because you can really tailor it to the recipient.  Here is the finished project:

DIY Ornament With Cricut

Here is what you need so you can make your own:


Clear Ornaments-Glass or Plastic (I found plastic at The Dollar Store)

Snow Beads (The Dollar Store)



Cricut Machine

I have a couple good friends who love deer and Cricut Access has so many great selections. I ended up choosing a deer head and a standing deer. I used gold adhesive vinyl for one and pink glitter vinyl for the second.  Add a pretty ribbon for hanging and you are done.

DIY Ornament With Cricut

Of course my mind is racing with ideas. Elmo for my great niece, a horse for my friend, maybe a wine bottle for my sister.   My daughter and her friends love, LOVE, The Walking Dead. They actually get together every Sunday night to watch it as a group, which I think is so cool. I plan to make them each a Walking Dead Ornament again using vinyl and the Cricut.

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DIY Ornament With Cricut

What ornament would you like to make? You are only limited by your imagination! ?

DIY Ornament Ideas With Cricut Our Crafty Mom


Be sure to head on over to Michelle James Designs  and check out her great Holiday Planner! Have a great day!


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Thursday 10th of November 2016

I love them Michelle! I truly have to get one of them! They are just as nice as the expensive type in the stores.

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