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Top 10 Things To Buy After Christmas To Save Money Next Year!

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As someone who is always shopping on a budget, the day after Christmas sales are one of the BEST days to shop.

You can save tons of cash simply by stocking up for next Christmas, or even for birthdays throughout the year.

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Top 10 Things To Buy After Christmas

There are so many things to look for, and with a little due diligence and shopper-savvy ingenuity, you can really stock up without even coming close to breaching your monthly budget. 

Here are my top 10 things to buy after Christmas:

Gift Sets

Most stores sell gift sets and a lot of them don’t scream Christmas, so you can pick up some really nice sets for birthday presents or even Christmas gifts for next year.

Yankee Candle has a great selection of gift sets, as does Bath & Body Works.

But also check out department stores like Macy’s & JC Penney.

You can get great deals on perfume and skincare products.

Even treat yourself using a gift card you may have received.

Christmas gift sets on sale


I’m a little bit of  a ribbon hoarder, but I’m also frugal, so I will never pay full price for ribbon.

I stock up after Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas for not only seasonal ribbon, but also ribbon that can be used year round or for birthdays, New Years or Valentine’s Day.

I found the most gorgeous magenta velvet ribbon for 70% off and used it to make a Valentine’s Day Wreath for a post at Kenarry Ideas For The Home where I am part of the creative team.

That will post next week, so be sure to see how I used this beautiful ribbon!


Ornaments are one of the top things I look for.

First of all, I’ve been collecting ornaments for 30 years, but would never pay the full price, unless it was a handmade unique ornament.

You can literally find gorgeous ornaments for 70-80% off after Christmas.

Think of gifts for next year, or buy that ornament you had your eye on but didn’t want to pay $12 for.

Think if there are milestones in the coming year, for example, a new baby, graduation or Wedding.

You can usually find an ornament to mark the occasion.

After Christmas Sale Ornaments

Similar to ribbon, you can use ornaments for different Holidays.

Some people keep a small tree for all Holidays, so you a make a themed tree.

Think red and white for Valentine’s Day, pastel ornaments for Easter, even green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Another fun thing to do is to make an ornament wreath.

Here is one I made for New Years:

Image of Rose Gold and White Ornament Wreath

Rose Gold and White Ornament Wreath

Here is one for Valentine’s Day:

Image of Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath

Of course, I had to make a Christmas one:

Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

Christmas Ball Ornament Wreath

How about a pair of Christmas ornament topiaries?

Now I’m thinking I want a Valentine’s Day Topiary!

Christmas Ball Ornament Topiary

Ornament Topiary

Are you ready to shop for Christmas ornaments yet? I sure am! 


When my kids were little, I used to love to give little treats to their class.

M & M’s are usually a kid favorite, so I would buy Clear Candy bags and fill them with M&M’s and some kind of cute topper for the Holiday.

After Christmas candy is practically given away!

m & m's

Now, this may be a little much for some, but you can separate the M&M’s out from red and green and make Valentine’s Day treat bags, St. Patrick’s Day treat bags and even Easter treat bags like I show here:

Easter Treat Bags

The picture is several years old, but these were a big hit with the kids! Boy do I miss those days, lol!

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are another thing I highly recommend picking up after Christmas.

It is crazy how much a box of pretty cards cost.

I found a box with a little red truck, that I just loved 60% off! 

christmas cards

Wrapping Paper

Most stores still have a great selection of wrapping paper that you can store for next year.

Again, look for neutral styles that you can use for birthdays as well.

wrapping paper

Christmas Lights

It is fun to add lights to your outdoor porch, deck or patio and they have really cool styles now, like globe lights and Edison bulbs.

Scoop those up for a fraction of the cost!



Just about everyone I know likes candles and the day after you can find the best prices on quality candles.

Treat yourself or pick up teacher gifts or birthday presents.

Not all of them are Christmas fragrances.

after christmas sale candles

Christmas Decorations 

If you need a new Christmas Tree, wreath, or any Christmas decor, this is the time to buy.

The deals are usually better than Black Friday.

Also, you can pick up items that can be used in Winter decor, like these white berry stems and greens. 

silk florals on sale

Storage Containers

You can never have too many storage containers and I was surprised at what they have now.

From wreath storage  to bins with ornament separators to buffalo check tree storage!

You can make this year, the year you finally get organized! That is my goal! ????

After Christmas Storage

wrapping paper storage

tree storage bag

I hope you enjoyed this post Top 10 Things To Buy After Christmas To Save Money Next Year!

I will be sharing more ideas to help you get organized in the New Year.

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

what to buy after Christmas

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