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I wanted to share my Book Page Love Art. I like to put Valentine’s Day decor in the guest bathroom, but it has a coastal color scheme with neutrals and sea foam.

valentine's day art

Welcome to the 2016 Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! Danielle from over at Creatively Homespun brought together 19 other bloggers and together they created something amazing. This blog hop is a roundup of some fantastic and inspiring Valentine’s Day creations. Everyone created something special to share with you, so be sure to browse thru all 20 links! You don’t want to miss a thing!


Thank you Danielle from Creatively Homespun  for organizing this fun Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!  Blog hops are a great way to get to know other bloggers and find some great projects! I don’t like how red looks with it (just my opinion-some may like it) but I wanted a sign for the shelf above the toilet.

I knew I wanted to make rolled flowers out of book pages and planned on doing a heart. Once I put them on the burlap though, they didn’t pop enough. So I took white acrylic paint and just painted a couple of coats on the burlap. Much better!

I laid out the rolled flowers and started playing around with letters instead of a heart. I loved (ha, ha) the way “Love” looked with the O a little higher. Then when it was done, it just felt like there was too much empty space above it.

I gave it some time, then since I knew I had a heart paper punch, thought a banner would be perfect! I punched out a few hearts with some pretty paper that went with the colors in my bathroom and hung it with twine. Here it is in my bathroom: Love art image image I like that it doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day and you could even leave this up if you wanted. I now want to make a Family one!

Be sure to stop by all 20 links below! Show them some love this Sweetheart Season! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours! xo!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.