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Valentine’s Day Candy Bouquet and DIY Picture Frame

Make a Valentine’s Day picture frame using a sharpie and a stencil, plus a fun mason jar candy bouquet filled with their favorite candy.

My sweet daughter, Amanda, has been with her adorable boyfriend Sean, for 15 months now. They are both 17 but while Amanda will be leaving for College in August, Sean still has another year.

All you Moms know how tough it is on 17 yo young adults. They have a great attitude about it and she will only be 2.5 hours away so she can come home often, which of course is good for me too!

I have not even begun to process not having her smiling face around here everyday. This picture from her prom says it all:

They have a very playful relationship and don’t take themselves too seriously, which I love. I used the stencil from the pillow I showed earlier to make this frame for Amanda to give to Sean along with this candy bouquet.
She went to the store and bought all his favorites and I filled a mason jar with m & m’s and glued the items on lollipop sticks. Of course she added slim Jim’s. What is it with guys and slim Jim’s? My son loves them as well. Isn’t the “I freakin’ love you” stamp from SU perfect for teens?
valentine's day



If you need a pretty Valentine’s Day gift for her, this gilded mason jar is perfect!
gilded mason jar


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