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How To Make A Wine Cork Table From Repurposed Corks

This table was a labor of love! It took forever to save enough corks to make it. I had my sisters, co-workers, even my boss saving corks for me!
It was actually pretty fun to see the different wines & I found a few new favorites through this research, lol! Although I know they sell corks at craft stores, I refused to buy them as it just felt like it would be cheating.
So I started this little table about 6 mos ago. I had an old TV tray that I painted black then I glued an old piece of plywood (I think its plywood) to the top to make it a little larger.
As I got the corks I just started hot glueing them on. I really love how it turned out & it’s a nice memory because so many people helped me with the task of wine drinking 😉

How To Make A Wine Cork Table From Repurposed Corks










I ended up giving this little table to my 22 year old niece as it fit perfectly in her bar area. She loved it and it really is such a great conversation piece.
Definitely don’t throw out those wine corks. There are so many great projects that can be made with them. Pinterest has entire boards devoted to it!



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Nancy Resslerco

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I don't know how it matters but why do we need to make cork. by the way, I enjoyed this

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Tuesday 27th of August 2019

I love this! I have some saved, but not enough yet. But, I’m going to do it! Do you just use them as is, or do you have to somehow clean them, or cut off the wine ends? Sorry if that seems like a silly question - I’ve been wondering about it for the longest time. ???? So glad I found your site!

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Michelle Beaton

Wednesday 16th of July 2014

Wow I need to drink more wine so I can make this! Thanks so much for linking up last week with the Creative Spark Link Party. Hope you link up again today!