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15 Multipurpose Home Office Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

Set up a multipurpose home office with these 15 budget-friendly ideas.



It would be great if we all had an extra room for a dedicated home office, but sometimes that’s not the case. I’m happy to share these alternative ideas for a multipurpose home office.

From flex rooms, to an office in a closet, to home offices with a murphy bed and more, these budget-friendly ideas will inspire you to create your own functional home office.

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I’ve always needed a combination craft room and home office, so I’ve had to come up with storage options that don’t take up too much space.

One thing I’ve learned is to go vertical with necessities, as it saves on much needed desk space. This hanging file desk organizer is on my list and it’s in a beautiful rose gold.

I’ve also used a spare closet as a craft closet using hanging closet organizers. These would be perfect for office supplies as well.

home office ideas white desk with gray chair

Take a look at these home office ideas. Hopefully, you will find some useful tips. I know I did!

15 Multipurpose Home Office Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

You don't need an entire room to set up a home office. These multipurpose home office ideas are easy to create and budget-friendly.

So what do you think? Are you ready to transform a space in your home to a functioning home office? I’ve always wanted to have a murphy bed in my office, rather than a sofa, which takes up much needed space. 

The closets that were turned into a desk space were also so creative. Have you set up a home office, or have you seen any creative ideas for a multipurpose home office?

If so, leave me a comment below and share the idea. I also put together a collection of budget-friendly ideas with IKEA hacks that you may also like. IKEA has some great furniture that can be used in both guest rooms and home offices.

Thank you for stopping by. 

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Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Nice blog about 15 multipurpose home office ideas that are budget friendly, I think your blog very helpful for lot of people, Thanks for sharing the information. Website:


Friday 6th of November 2020

Michelle, what a great idea! I wonder where are the things you kept in this closet? I just want to make the office as you advised but I have no place to keep my things :) Anyway many thanks for these tips!

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