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Create a Bubble Sword Inspired By My Knight And Me

Today I am sharing a fun craft for the kiddos sponsored by TeamTO.  I had some help with this craft from my little buddy CJ:

Create A Bubble Sword Inspired By My Knight And Me Our Crafty MomThis post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

We were able to watch a premiere episode of My Knight And Me. It’s a new adventure-packed animated series for kids ages 6-10. It airs on Cartoon Network weekdays at noon ET/PT. CJ is 6 yo so I definitely scored some brownie points with him on this!

Create A Bubble Sword Inspired By My Knight And Me Our Crafty Mom

My Knight and Me follows a colorful trio of knights-Jimmy the Squire, Cat the Princess and courageous Henri of Orange.   Together, this adventurous group sets out from the Kingdom of Epic to save the day and brighten the Dark Ages! While CJ was enamored with the colorful, action packed show, I was impressed with the important messages throughout the episode. The lessons of teamwork, problem solving and family was emphasized throughout, but in such a way that kids don’t get bored. It is an action packed adventure from start to finish and I found myself chuckling right along with him!

When I asked CJ what he wanted to make after watching the show, he immediately said swords like the knights use. We found bubble wands at the craft store and I immediately knew they would be perfect as swords! But also, kids of all ages love bubbles so they serve double duty! These would be a perfect addition to a kids Easter Basket! They are so simple to make and the kids will get a kick out of being able to make their own sword inspired by the Knights in this great show.

Create A Bubble Sword Inspired by My Knight & Me Our Crafty Mom

Create A Bubble Sword


Bubble Wand

Silver Poster Board

Glue Gun

Create A Bubble Sword Our Crafty Mom

Create a Bubble Sword Inspired By "My Knight And Me" Our Crafty MomJust wrap the poster board around the bubble wand and cut to size. Then use hot glue to secure it around the wand. Cut a point at the end to mimic a sword. I made it like a sleeve, so it acts as a cover.  The kids can take off the sword when they want to use the bubbles and leave it on when they want to go on an adventure! Be sure to check out this fun, action packed show. There are very clever references to modern day technology despite it being set in the Middle Ages (like Smart-Mirrors that resemble  iPhones) which Adults will get a kick out of!

Create A Bubble Sword Inspired by My Knight & Me Our Crafty Mom

So enjoy a day with the kids, watch this great show and spend an afternoon crafting your own Bubble Swords. Then go outside and go on an adventure!!

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