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How to Make Personalized Mugs With The Cricut Mug Press

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Create the perfect DIY gift for your coffee loving friends! Learn how to make customized mugs quickly and easily with the Cricut Mug Press.

Like so many of you I love to give handmade gifts whenever possible. A customized coffee mug is the perfect gift idea for family, friends, teachers, neighbors and more!

The Cricut Mug Press is a game-changer for making personalized mugs. This easy-to-use machine allows you to create custom designs on ceramic mugs in just minutes.

Let’s get to all the details about this innovative heat press from Cricut, and then I’ll share some coffee mug gift ideas.

Cricut mug press feature image

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure here.

What is the Cricut Mug Press?

The Cricut Mug Press allows you to create custom-designed mugs in minutes, making it a great tool for anyone who loves personalized gifts or wants to add a unique touch to their morning coffee.

I’m a firm believer that the mug you drink your morning coffee from matters! 🙂 For example, some mornings I may need a bit of encouragement, while other days I want a funny pun to get my day started.

With the Cricut Mug Press, you can create a design for your mug to go with your every mood.

Using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets and sublimation mugs with the Mug Press creates high-quality, professional-looking mugs in no time.

It’s extremely user friendly and is made specifically to go around the rounded surface of a mug. No other Cricut Heat Press does that, so it’s the best machine for mugs!

One of the best things about the Cricut Mug Press is its versatility. Whether you’re creating gifts or looking to start your own mug-making business, this machine will make it a breeze to get started (mug blanks sold separately).

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cricut mug press supplies

Supplies needed to make personalized mugs with the Cricut Mug Press

mug press with Cricut Maker

How to Use the Cricut Mug Press

Create your design

Start by creating your design in Cricut Design Space. Be sure to size it to fit on your mug. Use the mug template to make it super easy.

camping SVG

You can use your own designs or choose from hundreds of pre-made designs available. Whether it’s a funny quote or a family photo, the possibilities are endless.

I’m making camping mugs and I’m thrilled to share 15 FREE camping SVG cut files with you here.

Cut with your Cricut machine

    Cut your design with your Cricut machine and Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, pens or markers.

    weeded svg on mug

    Weed the excess Infusible Ink on the transfer sheet.

    Secure design to the mug

    This is where a lint roller comes in handy. You don’t want any dust or fingerprints on the mug. Just use a lint roller over the mug to remove anything.

    heat resistant tape

    Use heat resistant transfer tape to secure your design to the Cricut mug. Press the sheet down well to ensure there is no lifting.

    securing design to mug

    Place Mug in the Mug Press

    Heat up the press and wait for the light to turn green. The machine will beep when it’s ready.

    mug with transfer tape

    Place the mug by the handle into the press. Be sure to open a window so it is well-ventilated.

    Press the handle to activate the heat press

    Press the lever and carefully watch the mug handle as you close it. You want it to be centered when closed.

    pressing handle on heat press

    Now the machine works it’s magic. It has a manual temperature control so it will press the mug for the time that it needs. The press will also beep when it is ready. You can’t get much easier than that.

    Remove the mug from the press

    Simply lift the lever to release the mug. Be sure to only touch the handle of the mug. Remove it from the press and place it on a heat-resistant surface to cool.

    For best results wait about 20-30 minutes before handling. Once cool, peel back the tape and the sheet to see your custom design.

      finished mug with mug press

      I love how it turned out! Now your dishwasher safe mug is ready to use or gift. The design is permanent and it’s also microwave-safe.

      Here is a fun idea for gifting a s’mores camping mug:

      svg coffee mug with s'mores

      Place graham crackers and chocolate in a food safe plastic bag. Secure marshmallows to skewers, cover in plastic and add everything to the mug. Easy peasy.

      The gift recipient can enjoy s’mores then use the mug for their morning coffee. Practical gifts are the best!

      What types of mugs are compatible with the Cricut Mug Press?

      Only mugs that are compatible with sublimation can be used with the Cricut Mug Press. That means you can’t use dollar store or other thrift store mugs.

      The mugs need to have a poly-coating to work.

      Cricut carries two sizes:

      • 12 oz Mugs
      • 15 oz Mugs – this is what I used. They come with a gift box to make it super easy to gift.

      Is Infusible Ink a requirement?

      Yes. You will need to use Infusible Ink Sheets, pens or markers that are compatible with the Cricut Mug Press or other sublimation materials.

      Why you will love the Cricut Mug Press

      • Easy one touch settings – a computer and internet connection is needed just for the initial set up.
      • Worth the investment – create gifts for birthdays, weddings, Father’s Day and more. You can even make mugs to sell!
      • Produces excellent consistent results every time.
      • Auto-off feature -The machine will start to beep after a period of not being used. It will then shut itself off. Great safety feature.
      • Use with Cricut Design Space – a free software that is easy to learn.

      Thoughtful Gifts with Mugs

      Here are some favorite ways to gift DIY mugs:

      • Tea Lovers – add a cute pun or design for tea and fill the mug with different types of tea bags, a spoon for stirring, or honey sticks.
      • Hot Cocoa Mug – add hot cocoa mix, homemade hot chocolate, or hot cocoa bombs to a mug with a snowman or snowflake design. Include mini marshmallows and Hershey kisses.
      • Monogrammed Mug – include a shopping gift card to the gift recipient’s favorite store -Michaels for me 🙂
      • Father’s Day – include a treat bag with favorite goodies, lottery tickets, or other small inexpensive gifts.
      • Mother’s Day – fill with small soaps, sachets or other beauty items.
      • Manicure in a Mug – I have done this for co-workers using inexpensive dollar store items. Sometimes you want to give a token without spending a ton. This is a great way to do that. Add nail polish, nail files, nail polish remover and you have a thoughtful gift!

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      cricut mug press gift idea

      Now that you’ve read all of these creative DIY mug gift ideas, get ready to create your mug masterpiece with Cricut Infusible Ink and the Cricut Mug Press. Happy crafting!

      Here are even more Cricut crafts and home decorating ideas!

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