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Make Your Own Stunning Crystal Candles With Simply Earth Oils

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Learn the secret to making DIY crystal candles infused with Simply Earth oils. Craft your own unique pieces to bring serenity to any room.

Are you tired of the same old boring candles? Looking to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home decor? You are in the right place!

With Simply Earth essential oils, pressed flowers and your favorite crystals, you can create your very own stunning pressed flower candles.

Imagine the soothing scent of lavender, or the invigorating aroma of eucalyptus, combined with the beauty of dried flowers and crystals, made with high quality soy wax.

These homemade candles are one-of-a-kind creations that you can personalize as gifts for friends and family too.

But you are going to want to make a few for yourself! Let’s get to all the details so you can get started on making your own high quality candles at home. 🙂

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. I received product from Simply Earth used in this post, however, all opinions and love of this product are 100% mine. Please see my full disclosure here.

Tips For Making Homemade Candles

I’ll admit to having a slight obsession with scented candles, both store-bought and homemade.

It definitely started at a young age as I have fond memories of my mom burning a seasonal Yankee Candle in the kitchen.

In the fall it was spiced pumpkin and during the Christmas season it was fresh balsam fir.

This tradition was passed on to my children.

But, not all candles are the same quality.

That is why I’m so excited to share these clean burning, high quality crystal candles with you.

The key is using pure essential oils and either soy, coconut or beeswax for the healthiest candles to burn.

Simply Earth Essential Oils + Bonus!

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simply earth essential oils

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of using quality essential oils and candle wax, it’s time to get to the step-by-step tutorial.

You will also find a printable craft card at the bottom of this post to make this craft project even easier!

Supplies Needed To Make Crystal Candles 

supplies for crystal candles

How to Make Homemade Gemstone Candles

Step 1. Melt the wax

Place the candle wax into your pour pot. Use a measuring cup to measure 16 oz or use a block. 1 lb will fill about 3 of the 80z tins.

melting candle wax

Step 2. Create a Double Boiler

You never want to place the candle pour pot on a direct flame, so you will need to create a double boiler.

Start by filling a large pan with water and let it boil.

Once boiled, place the pouring pitcher into the pan to melt the wax. If you don’t have a pouring pitcher, you can also use large mason jars.

melted candle wax

Step 3. Set Up Your Tins With Candle Wicks

While your wax is melting, set up your candle tins onto a covered work area. Place the wicks into each container.

It helps to use a glue dot or a dab of hot glue to keep the wicks in place.

supplies for crystal candles

Open the box of crystals and dried flower crafts so they are ready to add to the candles.

Step 4. Add the Color Block

Once the wax is completely melted, bring the wax up to about 180 F and then add the color block. Once the color block is added let it cool to about 150 F.

It is very important to use your thermometer to ensure that the temperature is right. If not, the melted wax will not set correctly.

Step 5. Add Essential Oils

Add the entire 1/2 oz bottle of your choice of essential oil. I used eucalyptus for one batch and tangerine for a second batch. Blend vigorously.

adding eucalyptus

Step 6. Pour the Wax

Carefully pour the melted wax into the tins up to the top. Hold the wick while pouring and add skewars to keep the wick centered while the wax solidifies.

dried flowers and crystal candles

Step 7. Add Crystals and Flowers

Let the candle sit for about 20-30 minutes until it starts to solidify. At that point add your crystals and flowers.

Don’t add them too early or they will just drop to the bottom. This is where you can really have fun with it.

Combine flowers and crystals in different color combinations and styles.

close up of crystal candles with dried flowers

Step 8. Let Wax Set Overnight

It’s important to wait until the wax is completely solid. I let it sit overnight just to be safe.

Then you want to trim the wick to about 3/8″. This will ensure the cleanest burning.

close up of crystal candles

That’s all there is to it! Beautiful and fragrant homemade crystal candles that would make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays or just because.

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY tutorial for homemade crystal candles. Is this something you could see yourself making?

Please let me know if you give these a try by commenting below or tagging me on Facebook or Instagram.


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Recommended Tips on Burning Candles

  • Do not burn candle more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Allow to cool before relighting.
  • Make sure the wick is trimmed to 3/8″ before relighting.
  • Never leave candle unattended.
  • Avoid burning the candle in a draft. Combine a birthday flower and birthstone to create a crystal candle gift with meaning.
3 tins of crystal candles

Popular Essential Oil and Crystal Candle Combinations

  • Lavender essential oil with rose quartz and amethyst.
  • Meditation candles with white sage leaves, citrine and crystal gemstones.
  • Birthday candle using a birthday month flower and birthstone.
  • Healing candle with lemon grass and clear quartz crystals.
  • Create a masculine candle gift in a black tin or jar with a wood wick and sandalwood essential oil with black quartz.
  • Make sage and eucalyptus candles for cleansing the home or to give as a housewarming gift. Add a selenite crystal.
4 tins of crystal candles on tray

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Tuesday 8th of August 2023

Can you make these candles in a glass jars instead of a tin?


Friday 11th of August 2023

Absolutely! I purchased some glass votives that I plan to use. I'll update the post with pics as soon as they are complete. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.