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Make The Cutest Ghost Halloween Centerpiece in Black and White

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Let’s make a beautiful Halloween Centerpiece with the cutest DIY ghost vase filled with black and white Halloween florals and pumpkins.

Boo! I dare you not to smile when you see this absolutely adorable ghost Halloween centerpiece! 👻 When it comes to decorating for the holiday I prefer cute-not scary-decor.

ghost centerpiece for Halloween

When it came time to paint the face on this little ghost, I decided to mix it up from the usual ghost face and make it a happy version complete with eyelashes and a smiley face.

I’m just thrilled with how it turned out. I’ll show you how you can make your own, where to find the materials and my tips for saving money on the supplies you need to make this little cutie.

Get ready to add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with this adorable DIY ghost vase!

halloween centerpiece with painted ghost face and black and white florals

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Halloween Centerpiece Cost Saving Tips

There are a few cost saving tips I want to share with you. These are things I have been following for many years.

Let’s face it, craft and home decorating supplies can get expensive, especially if you enjoy decorating for each holiday and season. Here are my top money-saving tips:

  • Shop end of season floral clearance items – Michaels, JoAnn Fabric and Crafts or Hobby Lobby usually have florals at 70%. Many can be used for more than one season. For example, several of the flowers used in this Halloween centerpiece are from the summer collection.
  • Think outside the box – Don’t forget to check the home section at these stores as well as Homegoods and other stores. Things like fake plants and vases also go on clearance at the end of summer. The white vase used in today’s craft was 70% off! I knew I wanted a ghost for the base of my centerpiece, so I just looked for something that was white and had a curved shape that I could turn into a ghost.
  • Thrift Stores – thrift stores are the BEST place to find vases, candle holders, picture frames and so many other items that you can use for any holiday. You can easily make them over with spray paint and acrylic paint.
  • Dollar Store – if you follow me on Facebook you know I LOVE shopping for seasonal supplies at Dollar Tree. But, I very rarely use the item as is. There are so many easy updates you can make to their Halloween decorations, foam pumpkins, fall craft supplies and even their glasses and vases.
halloween ghost centerpiece pin collage

Supplies Needed For Ghost Halloween Centerpiece

The supplies for this centerpiece were all found at Michael’s, but you can use Dollar Tree flowers if you find some you like. All of the Halloween florals were 40% off when I bought them and I had a birthday gift card from my son. 😀

supplies for Halloween centerpiece with ghost decor

How To Make A Halloween Centerpiece

Step 1. Add Floral Foam to Vase

Cut the floral foam to fit your vase. You can use a craft knife or even scissors. You want the foam to be nice and snug so fill in around the foam with old newspaper or crumbled up tissue paper.

adding floral foam to vase

Step 2. Add Florals

Now it’s time to add your florals. It’s best to start around the base of the vase with fillers like the white pampas grass shown in the below image:

pampas grass in vase

Continue adding your flowers working around the vase so it is symmetrical from all sides. Once you fill the bottom start to add your taller flowers and stems like the beautiful black velvet leaves shown here:

black velvet halloween leaves

Step 4. Add Halloween Picks

Be sure to add some fun Halloween picks like ghosts to continue with the ghost theme. You could also choose a spooky scene by adding skeleton hands and making a skeleton face on the vase.

Or paint the vase orange and make a pumpkin centerpiece. Use your imagination and have fun with it! This is where you can really make it your own.

black and white pumpkins for vase centerpiece

Add a larger pick to the center that stands out, like the cute ghost face shown below:

close up of ghost face

Step 5. Paint a Halloween Ghost Face

You may notice in the image above I originally glued felt eyes to the vase. I didn’t like how it looked at all.

So I went with plan b. There is always a plan b with crafting! I pulled out my acrylic paints, a tiny paint brush and looked up “cute ghost face” on Pinterest.

Start by making oval eyes. You can also use a fine point Sharpie paint pen. I didn’t have one in my craft stash so went with paint.

deco art paint

Keep filling in the eyes until you like what you see (excuse the pun). The paint takes a little time to dry so you can wipe it off with a paper towel if you don’t like it.

Next up add cute eyelashes and a happy mouth. Most ghost images seem to use an oval for the mouth but I went rogue and LOVE it!

ghost face on vase

That’s really all there is to it. Let the paint dry and have fun decorating with your adorable DIY Halloween centerpiece.

close up diy Halloween ghost centerpiece

Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

There are so many fun ways you can decorate with this little cutie.

Halloween centerpiece on table with spooky wall decor

Here are a few:

  • Hosting a Halloween dinner party? Add your centerpiece to a dining table and impress your guests when they ask where you found the centerpiece!
  • Decorate your dining room table with a table runner, spider webbing, cake stands with candles and add this vase as the Halloween table centerpiece.
  • Plan a Halloween party with a festive Halloween ghost decor theme. Set up a buffet table with yummy treats for trick or treaters like Halloween cupcakes, hot cocoa bombs, air fryer Halloween donuts and caramel apple pops. You can even give prizes like a boo basket. 🎃👻 For the adults serve witches brew or poisoned apple martinis.
  • If you can part with it, you could gift this Halloween centerpiece to someone who loves Halloween, or even for someone who has an October birthday.
adorable black and white Halloween centerpiece with ghost face

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! If you do give it a try please share it with me.

You can leave a comment below or tag me on social @ourcraftymom It totally makes my day to see that I inspired someone.


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diy ghost centerpiece pin

Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Halloween! 🎃

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.