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How To Make A Super Useful DIY Makeup Wall Organizer

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Learn how to make a useful DIY  makeup wall organizer that’s magnetic.

Hello! Thank you for visiting Our Crafty Mom. If you’ve stopped by in the past couple of weeks you may recall me mentioning that I was giving my daughter’s room a mini makeover.

She will be back from College in May for the Summer and I wanted to surprise her with some updates. So far I shared her Broadway Table and her Refinished Dresser

Of course, I am horrible at surprises, so the second I finish something I immediately text her pictures. Oh well, here we go again, because there is no way I can wait for her to come home another month before I show her this great set up for her makeup.

It doesn’t have the full affect now without all her makeup but you get the idea.


Like most 19 yo girls she is obsessed with makeup-not the makeup that I grew up with (and still buy). No-I’m talking the good stuff-Sephora, Lush, Mac, Kat Von D-definitely great products-I get the attraction-I really do.

She took me to Lush over Christmas break-I had never been-holy smokes they really suck you in-from the displays-to the incredible smells & samples.  Next thing you know I’ve spent $30 on a pumice stone in the shape of a foot.

For Christmas all she asks for is makeup.  Every year right before Christmas (such smart advertising) Too-Faced comes out with a new chocolate bar palette, which is a little case with eye shadows, etc.  

Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but one year it’s semi-sweet, the next chocolate, it actually smells like chocolate & looks like a chocolate bar-cool, but expensive.  My point being, she has a ton of makeup-many bags of makeup.

She has a small vanity in her room, but no where near big enough to organize her makeup. She is always saying it is a pain to go through all the bags trying to find a certain item.

Since she has a blank wall right on the side of her vanity, I thought I would make a cool DIY makeup wall organizer so she could have access to it while she is at the vanity doing her makeup.

I’ve seen some cool magnetic makeup displays on Pinterest & thought this would be perfect. I had planned on buying the metal at Lowes, however, when I went to buy the magnets at the craft store I saw a large metal display all ready to hang & a large size.

With a 50% off coupon in hand, plus another 20% off I bought this baby for $4! Even less than the sheet at Lowes.




Of course, I knew one would not be enough, so I went back the next day so I could again get it for $4 because I’m cheap  thrifty. 

I went again the next day because I’m really cheap thrifty and bought this cool arrow metal display that I thought would be perfect for all her lipsticks.

Keep in mind this is the stuff she leaves at home-she took all the good stuff to College with her, so I think this may end up being my new makeup, lol.

I just hot glued magnets on the back and can actually pull them off and hot glue them on the good stuff when she comes back, but I wanted to see how it looked and of course share it-I get excited like that 🙂

DIY makeup wall organizer


Hope you like it Amanda-keep making Dean’s List and make your Mama happy-maybe you’ll get the new Chocolate Bar palette for Christmas again!










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Wooden Makeup Box

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Excellent! I liked your ideas about makeup essentials' sorting. We need to care about our skin with the help of storage. The brushes should be clean and separated from the products.

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Jeanne Grunert

Thursday 5th of May 2016

Fun project! Looks like it will keep everything very organized. Thanks for sharing it on the #HomeMattersParty


Thursday 5th of May 2016

Thanks Jeanne. I can't wait to post an after photo with all her makeup.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.