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Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas With Decocrated Subscription Box

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This post is sponsored by Decocrated and contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. However all opinions are 100% mine. I only promote product I believe in. Please see my full disclosure here.

fall decocrated subscription box


If you are not familiar with Decocrated, you are in for a treat. You can order the fall subscription box now using this link and enter my code OURCRAFTYMOM10 to get $10 off your first order, or OURCRAFTYMOM30 to get $30 off a yearly subscription.

I‘ve been a member of Decocrated for the past 2 years, and get just as excited receiving each box now, as I did with the first winter box. 

I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve, checking the shipping date and maybe even greeting the FedEx employee, from a safe 6 feet, as he walks to my porch. 
My home office faces the driveway, so I can see when any packages arrive. Then I do what any social media obsessed person does – take a picture to announce to the world (Facebook) that my Decocrated box has arrived! 

What’s In the Decocrated Fall Home Decor Subscription Box

**SPOILER ALERT** Here is everything you will receive from the fall box:

decocrated fall box


  • Art Print
  • Crate
  • Basket
  • Centerpiece
  • Wall Art
  • Pumpkins 
  • Table Runner
  • Wall Art
  • Our Happy Place Metal Sign

Now let me show you the fun part – how I use each item in my home.

The Table Runner 

If you are a regular visitor here, you know I LOVE to set a pretty table. In fact, I’ve been teaming up with some very talented table stylists for seasonal tablescapes for the past 4 years.

You can see all of the pretty tables here. So you can imagine how happy I was to see that a table runner was included in this fall box. 


decocrated table runner

What I love about this runner is it really works as a neutral. It can really be used anytime of year due to the nature theme and light black color scheme.

You can see how perfectly it works with my fall tablescape that uses oranges and navy: 

fall tablescape blue and orange


The Basket 

Decocrated is always on trend, and this woven basket with leather handle is seriously one of my favorite pieces. 

fall basket on kitchen window

It has a boho vibe to it, but also works perfectly in my farmhouse style kitchen. You can hang it, or stand it up due to the flat bottom.

My plan is to keep it up on this vintage window and change out the flowers seasonally. Can’t you just picture beautiful poinsettias in this basket?

blue and orange fall tablescape with copper mugs

The Centerpiece

Another thing I like about receiving this subscription box, is it forces me out of my comfort zone. At first glance, I would not have bought this wrought iron candle holder in the store.

However, after trying a couple of decorating ideas, I now love it! I ended up placing a wrought iron lantern in the center that is from a prior Decocrated box.   

lantern from decocrated box

See how they do that? So many of their pieces can be mixed and matched. I live in a townhouse, so I don’t have a lot of storage.

Since so many of the Decocrated pieces blend, I don’t have to store them away. I can just do a “seasonal blend”, or even year round decor.

Take a look at how pretty the centerpiece looks with the basket:

fall candle holder decocrated

Once Thanksgiving is over, I can change out the pumpkins and leaves for poinsettias that will work with the pine cones.

I always talk about quick and easy crafts. Well, this is quick and easy decorating!

The Pumpkins

Here is another example of how the items you receive will be totally on trend (or ahead of trend). Teal and orange are trending for Weddings, in home decor, in fashion and more.

Take a look at this beautiful fall photo from Pinterest:

fall teal and orange

The colors of the fall pumpkins are on point! They look velvet, but they are actually not fabric.

They do have a soft velvet texture, but they have weight to them so they will stand straight. I love these pumpkins!

fall crate

The Wall Art

I have a buffet in my eat-in kitchen that it is a perfect spot for seasonal decorating. Here is the same buffet decorated with last year’s fall box:


And a blend of pieces from last year and this year: 

fall decor ideas


The Seasonal Blend 

You can move the pieces in to different areas of your home. The wall art and pumpkins also look great in my entryway blended with Decocrated pieces from prior boxes:

fall decorating ideas

The crate is also from this box and the mirrored piece, Fall sign and gold hexagon are from a prior box. The only thing I added were the silver lantern and little truck. Easy peasy!

The Crate

I know I said the basket was my favorite, but after decorating the crate for my fall front porch, I have to change my mind. 

Look how gorgeous the crate looks filled with real mini pumpkins on my front porch:

fall crate

You ready for the really cool part about this crate?

fall front porch

It comes with a second plate that can be switched out to this cool Harvest Moon style for Halloween:


Here is how I decorated it for Halloween: 
Halloween crate
Here is a little tip. Rather than have to worry about storing one of the plates, I just screwed in the Halloween plate on the back side so I can just turn it around to use for either fall or Halloween. 

front door decorated for fall with decocrated basket

fall front porch with decocrated

What I Love About Decocrated Subscription Box

Now that you’ve seen all the great products that come in the fall Decocrated box, I’m sure you understand why I love it so much. But there’s more!

When you subscribe, you become part of the Decocrated community where you can join three facebook groups including:

The Decocrators

You can share photos of how you decorated with the items and see how others decorated. It’s a great place to ask questions and show support.

Decocrated Marketplace 

If there happens to be a piece that you don’t like, there is a special Facebook group set up where you can buy, sell or trade pieces with other Decocrators!


Wait until you see the creativity in this group. This is where members put a spin on items. They may paint items, or add or remove things. So many cool ideas!

Decocrated Shop

There is also an exclusive members only shop where you have access to beautiful pieces like this wood arch shown in my living room:

arch with lemon wreath

Add-On Boxes

As a subscriber, you are also eligible to order special add-on boxes like Halloween and Christmas. Here is a sneak peak from the Halloween box, which you can order now using this link:

halloween decocrated

Featured Artist

Another thing that really makes a difference with Decocrated, is they support local artists from around the country. 

This month’s featured artist is Emily Doliner, a designer and illustrator based in North Carolina. 

She helped bring these beautiful pieces to us, including the art print and table runner.  Thank you so much Emily! 

These are not bulk manufactured pieces that you will find at any big box store. As a long time crafter, I love supporting local artists and buying handmade. 

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful fall home decorating ideas and they help you fall back in love with your home, which is the theme for this box.

If you are interested in joining the Decocrated community, you can order the fall subscription box using my code ourcraftymom10 to save $10 off your first box.

You can order using my link below:



fall box


Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a good day and have fun decocrating!

Fall home decor ideas with Decocrated Subscription Box

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.