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Simple And Fun Summer Home Decor Subscription Box With Decocrated

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Let me show you how easy it is to add fun touches of summer to your home with the Decocrated summer home decor subscription box. It includes trendy home decor pieces that make it so easy to decorate!

decocrated summer home decorating ideas



This post is sponsored by Decocrated and contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. However all opinions are 100% mine. I only promote product I believe in. Please see my full disclosure here.

Hello and welcome! You see this adorable pink flamingo garden pot? It was completely inspired by the Decocrated summer home decor subscription box.

This is the third box I’ve received and I’ve seriously loved all three!

decocrated summer box

You can see the beautiful spring subscription box that included a wood lattice box here: 

Decocrated Basket subscription box

The winter box included one of my favorite pieces, this metal wreath that I added to a barn wood frame:

Barnwood-Wreath-Frame from the decocrated subscription box

If you are not familiar with Decocrated, you are in for a treat. You can order the summer subscription box using my code CRAFTY10 to get $10 off your first order!

Each subscription box also comes with a free sign-up gift that ships out separately within 3-4 days after placing your first order. 

summer flat lay

What Is Decocrated Subscription Box?

decocrated summer box

Decocrated is a home decor subscription box that’s sent quarterly. Each box includes quality textile elements, wall accents and table decor.

One of the many things I love about it, is the items from one box to the next will coordinate. So you can mix and match everything. It makes it so simple to decorate! 

My daughter laughs at me when we get home and I see the box sitting on the porch as I get so excited! It’s seriously like receiving a Christmas gift-and one you love-not one you want to regift.

What’s In the Decocrated Summer Home Decor Subscription Box

open decocrated subscription summer box

Even the way the box is packaged makes you smile. Each box contains a little booklet inside an envelope that describes every item and shares home decorating tips.

Here are the items that are included in the summer subscription box.

Tropical Apron

I have to share this adorable pink flamingo apron first, as this totally inspired my diy pink flamingo garden pot and welcome sign that I painted. Isn’t it the cutest thing?

pink flamingo apron subscription summer box

The colors are so fun and vibrant and all the pieces work together. I have it hanging in my kitchen and not only is it useful, but it is also decorative. Here is the welcome sign I made:

pink flaming summer sign inspired by subscription box

The Style Shack Wooden Caddy

Summer home decor subscription aqua vase


This wood caddy is so versatile. Here are several ways it can be used: 

  • Hold silverware for an outdoor party
  • It is the perfect size to hold bottles of wine
  • Use it in the bathroom to hold toiletries
  • As a makeup organizer

Hello Wall Hanging

hello summer subscription box

This decorative hello wall hanging also has hooks. I didn’t get to take a photo of this hanging up, but my daughter hung it in her bedroom next to her vanity.

She uses it to hang necklaces. It’s really handy. If you don’t like the color, you could easily spray paint it, but it went great with her bedroom decor.  

Travel Tick Tac Toe Game

I’m so looking forward to giving this little tic tac toe travel game to my great nieces. They will get such a kick out of this. Wouldn’t this be perfect to take to the beach or even on long car rides?

tic tac toe game summer subscription

And because I’m a proud Aunt, I have to share a picture of these cutie patooties:

lori and maggie

Cloth Napkins

Pink napkins from summer subscription box


If you are a regular visitor here, you know I love to participate in tablescapes with other home decor bloggers. So getting a set of four cloth napkins was huge!

These are high quality too and wash really well. Yes, I’ve already used them for a summer get together!

Here is another wonderful thing about being a part of the Decocrated Community. They have three facebook groups that you can belong to.

You can share photos of how you decorated with the items, or see how others decorated. 

The cool part is one of the groups is the Decocrated Marketplace where you can trade with other members. For example, I really wanted six napkins, as I normally set a tablescape for six.

I asked in the group if someone wanted to trade and sure enough they did! 

There was an item from the winter box that I liked, but it wasn’t 100% my style, so I was happy to trade it for four additional napkins. It’s a win-win.

I love community groups where you can meet others who enjoy similar things.

Aqua Lantern

aqua lantern summer home subscription box


This beautiful aqua lantern can be used indoors or out and I’ve switched it around already. But I love how it looks paired with my summer flowers. The color is really pretty too! 

The two pillows shown above are from the spring box. See what I mean about everything coordinating? These pillows have also been moved around my house.

The print is so fun and brightens up a room!

Wall Hanging Box Art

summer iced tea with wall sign from decocrated subscription

This little box art has been in my guest bathroom, the entryway and the living room. I also used it as a photo prop with this Irish whiskey iced tea.

Wooden Wall Hanging

wall sign from summer subscription box

This double-sided wall hanging says “Rise and Grind” on one side and “Recipe For Fun” on the other. Isn’t it so cute?

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simple and fun summer home decor ideas with decocrated subscription box


Why You Should Choose Decocrated?

Decocrated is a curated seasonal home décor box and includes interchangeable items that you can use. Plus, they share inspiration, how-tos, and pro decorating tips all delivered to your front door at an affordable price!

We all LOVE shopping at the store, but sometimes it’s nice to get something that’s picked out for you. The quality and value is there, so you never have to worry about that. 

Here are some other benefits to subscribing to Decocrated:

  • Save time going from store to store looking for the “perfect” piece. 
  • No need to pack up the kids to go shopping, which we know can be hit or miss-unless it’s the toy store!
  • Save gas and your time by having home decor items delivered right to your home. 

What Is The Value?

Each box contains over $200 worth of product with usually between 6-8 full size items and the cost is $79.99, well below the retail value.

Can You Choose What’s Included? 

At this time no. Each season’s box is carefully curated in advance. That means that every 3 months, you get to enjoy opening a new surprise! 

Will Your Home Look Like Everyone Else’s?

Absolutely not! The cool thing is everyone decorates differently. It’s very similar to your wardrobe. You can have the same shirt as a co-worker, but it will look totally different on her, or be styled differently.

That is another reason I love the facebook groups, because you can see and be inspired by the other members to see how they are decorating. When you subscribe, you can request to be added to the groups and share your fun photos. 

  • The Decocrators
  • The DecoHacks 
  • Decocrated Marketplace 

This is a great way to do something for yourself, or even as a gift to a friend or family member. With the holidays coming, wouldn’t this make a thoughtful gift?

I purchased the winter box for my sister’s birthday last season and she absolutely loved it.

In fact, she has already been hinting that she would like it again this year! That’s when you know the gift was a hit

Thank you so much for visiting. Have a great day!

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Monday 9th of March 2020

Hey Michelle, I recently got hooked with the DIY stuff on Pinterest. A few days ago, I converted a blank wall in our living room into some sort of art wall where my kids can hang their art creations and drawings. I simply used some yarns, paper clips, and some hooks. It sort of looked like a clothesline for their works. I love your ideas!!! Thank you so much for the tips.

Lynne B

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

I love that lattice box. I don't know what I'd do with it yet but it's so pretty.


Tuesday 27th of August 2019

This home decor box is soo cute. Like them so much There are similair things to get under 10 usd at


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

Heya, this is the kinda topic I have been looking for. Keep up the wonderful work, I read few posts on your blog and they are very interesting and contains sets of superb writing information. you did a great here


Monday 5th of August 2019

That box is really cool, they have a subscription box for everything now. The fb groups sound fun, that's perfect you were able to trade the napkins. #MerryMonday

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