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15 Favorite Roast Recipes To Try!

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional roast beef recipe or something a little different, we’ve got 15 favorite roast recipes for you to try.

Fall is the perfect time of year for roasting. There’s nothing quite like the smell of red wine and beef wafting through the house, making everyone’s mouth water in anticipation.

And when the roast finally emerges from the oven, fall-apart tender and seasoned with just salt and pepper, it’s certain to be a hit.

From classic roast beef chuck roast to Dutch Oven pork loin, there’s sure to be a dish that will please everyone at your table.

So fire up the oven and get ready to enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth roast recipe!

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Favorite Roast Recipes

One of our favorite things to make for dinner is a roast.

We usually cook it on high pressure for 60 minutes, then transfer it to a preheated oven and cook it until browned.

Of course, we drizzle the roast with olive oil before cooking to prevent it from drying out.

We love the way the beef juices mix with the mashed potatoes, and the gravy is always so flavorful.

Plus, it’s one of those dishes that just seems to get better as leftovers.

And don’t worry if you’re short on time. There are even recipes that call for a quick sear on the meat, followed by a minute natural release.

That means you can sit back and relax while your roast is cooking. Just be sure to save some of that delicious gravy for tomorrow’s lunch!

15 Favorite Roast Recipes

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what kind of roast you can make. Beef, pork, chicken, and lamb are all excellent choices. You can also experiment with different herbs and spices to create new and exciting flavor combinations. And if you're looking for something extra-special, try one of these 15 favorite roast recipes.

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