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How To Make Easy Scrap Wood Tiered Tray Signs

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Make your own DIY scrap wood tiered tray signs for every holiday or season.

DIY Valentine's Day Tiered Tray With Scrap Wood Signs

DIY wood tiered tray signs are so easy to make with scrap wood and ready to pour acrylic paint. I created these Valentine’s Day wood signs, and wanted to share the simple tutorial with  you. 

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I’ve been having a blast making Valentine’s Day crafts. Did you see the beautiful Dollar Tree love sign, or the super cute Gnome cards?

One of my favorite pieces to decorate for each holiday and season is the Farmhouse tiered tray I received in the Decocrated Subscription Box.

It’s a 2 tier tray and nice and large so you your tiered tray decor doesn’t look cramped.

Here is a picture that shows how I decorated it over the past year. This was my first time using fluidart paint and I’m pretty obsessed with it!

decocrated tiered tray decorating for each season

It brought me back to finger painting as a kid, only you can just move the piece around and watch the cool design the paint creates.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely recommend it! Here is the tutorial so you can make your own.

How To Make Easy Scrap Wood Tiered Tray Signs

set of two tiered tray wood blocks

Supplies Needed For Wood Tiered Tray Signs

supplies for tiered tray wood signs


Ready To Pour DecoArt Acrylic Paint Pink And White

Step 1. Pour The FluidArt Paint

Squeeze the pink ready to pour acrylic paint directly onto the wood block.

Acrylic Paint Poured On Scrap Wood

Step 2. Move The FluidArt Paint

Turn the wood block around so the fluidart paint flows all over the wood. Be sure to let it cover the entire piece, including the sides. 

pink ready to pour decoart paint poured on scrap wood

Step 3. Pour The FluidArt Paint

Repeat with the white fluidart paint, letting it blend with the pink paint. Again, be sure to cover the sides. 

pink and white paint on wood b

Step 4. Let The FluidArt Paint Dry

Let the fluidart paint completely dry. You can speed up the process by using a heat gun.

read to pour decoart paint on wood block signs diy

Step 5. Cut Out The Vinyl

While the paint is drying, cut out the vinyl with the Cricut Joy.

metallic vinyl on tiered tray wood sign for Valentine's Day sign

Step 6. Place The Vinyl On The Wood Block 

Attach the vinyl to the wood block in the center. I chose a heart and love for Valentine’s Day. 

matte metallic red heart vinyl

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love matte gold vinyl on wood tiered tray sign

love in gold vinyl on tiered tray wood sign

You can totally switch up the colors and vinyl images to whatever you like. I’m thinking green and white for St. Patrick’s Day would look really cool

decoart acrylic paint poured wood tiered tray signs

These wood tiered tray signs can be used to decorate your home in so many different ways. 

close up of wood tiered tray signs

Of course, they look great on a tiered tray, but they are also perfect to decorate a bookshelf, buffet table or your mantel.

close up of diy wood block tiered tray signs

Another idea I had was making the wood signs double-sided. You can leave the back of the sign white and add just place “Home” on the back, or a Spring image or words.

Wouldn’t a bunny be adorable? The possibilities are endless, and you can’t beat the cost! The scrap wood was free. One bottle of the fluidart goes a long way. 

Valentine Scrap Wood Tiered Tray Signs

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.