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How To Make Faux Concrete Pumpkins For Fall With Dollar Store Supplies

Make these easy DIY faux concrete pumpkins, perfect for your fall decor, using dollar store supplies. You can add fall leaves or flowers, or leave them as is.

faux concrete dollar store pumpkins


Hello and welcome to Our Crafty  Mom! You know how much I love to team up with blogging friends to share great crafts and DIY’s with you. Today there are six of us all featuring fall decorating ideas using Dollar Store supplies. 

Here are the creative co-hosts participating in this Dollar Store blog hop:

Dollar Store Divas

And because we all love crafting with Dollar Store items, we will be back every month with a themed Dollar Store blog hop. We have a snazzy new name-Dollar Store Divas-and even a fancy graphic created by Michelle James Designs:

dollar store graphic

We hope to inspire you to craft and create with us and look forward to seeing you on the third Friday of every month for all things Dollar Store.  At the end of the post, you can click on the links to see the rest of the fall inspired DIY’s!

How To Make Faux Concrete Dollar Store Pumpkins 

Faux Concrete dollar store pumpkins

I’ve been wanting to try a concrete project for the past year, but I really didn’t want to deal with the mess. I’m sure I will try it at some point, but I found a much easier way to get the look of faux concrete without the mess!

It’s still fairly early in the fall season, so I wasn’t able to find the larger foam Dollar Store pumpkins, but these smaller pumpkins actually worked well. I will say the metallic pumpkin didn’t hold the paint as well, so I would recommend using the plain pumpkins instead.

Dollar Store Pumpkins shown before paint

Here is what you need to make these fun faux concrete pumpkins:


Dollar Store Paint Supplies for fall pumpkins


Step 1.

Paint the pumpkins in white paint. You will need to paint 2-3 coats. You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.

dollar store pumpkin painted white

Step 2.

Add black paint to the ridges of the pumpkin.

dollar store white pumpkins with black paint

Step 3.

While the black paint is still wet, paint the entire pumpkin with the gray chalk paint, blending the black paint as you go.

dollar store pumpkin painted gray

Step 4.

Blend spackle all over the pumpkin, especially in the grooves. Continue blending the spackle until you are happy with the affect.

dollar store pumpkins with spackle

Step 5.

Remove the plastic stem of the pumpkin and attach a small stick. The pumpkin is foam, so you can just push it into the pumpkin. 

faux concrete dollar store pumpkins close up

That’s it! You could make several of these to line a window sill or mantel. They would also look great gathered in a basket. You could even cut the top off and make them planters with fall flowers. 

dollar store faux concrete pumpkins

Dollar Store pumpkins can be used in so many different ways. One of my most favorite DIY fall projects is this Dollar Store topiary:


The orange foam pumpkins are tough to find, but you can order them online and have them shipped to your local store for free:

Everything always $1 – Shop Now

Thank you for stopping by Our Crafty Mom! I hope you are inspired to make your own Dollar Store faux concrete pumpkins. They really are so fun to make and you can bring them out year after year.

Dollar Store Fall Pumpkins

Please check out more amazing fall Dollar Store DIY’s on our Dollar Store Divas blog hop!  

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