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National Blog Posting Month-Honesty

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NaBloPoMo November 2016

Every November thousands of bloggers pledge to post every single day (even weekends and Holidays) for National Blog Posting Month.  This is my first time participating and while nervous, I am also very excited.  NaBloPoMo (as it’s called) is about creatively challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. You will hopefully grow your readership and discover other blogs.  The plan is to participe and connect with others. Most of all it’s about having fun. This is why I am so thankful to have read about this great challenge. While blogging for about 3 years, only since January 1, 2016 have I been serious about it. So many of us wake up on New Years Day with a renewed sense of hope and energy. That is exactly what I did. There are so many things beyond my control, but my Blog is one little piece of my world that I can control. So I decided that morning to really focus on growing, expanding and monetizing my Blog.  Thankfully there are many bloggers I have connected with since starting Our Crafty Mom that I have plenty of mentors.

One of the great things about NaBloPoMo is there is also a Facebook group to help you successfully complete this challenge.  They will give you a writing prompt for each day. You can follow the prompt if you choose to, but you don’t have to. On average, I blog 2-3x per week, which leaves me a lot of room to grow. Today’s writing prompt is:

Day 3-National Blog Posting Month

If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom? 

This is definitely a tough one for me. Unfortunately, I am a very introverted person, which seems funny for someone who puts themselves out there for all to see. But sharing DIY projects, crafts and home decorating is very different than sharing feelings and personal truths. Being determined to get all I can from NaBloPoMo I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  Here it goes:

To my children,

I am sorry I wasn’t able to give you the perfect childhood I had envisioned for you.  When I held each of you for the first time, (remembering it like it was yesterday) I looked into your beautiful eyes and told you I would be the best Mom ever. I would care for you, love you and protect you. While I know in my heart 110% that I did that, there were things out of my control that I couldn’t protect you from.  For that I am sorry. These are words I say often but they are not spoken lightly, “I did the best I could”, I really did. Through all the turmoil, sickness, laughter and tears-just remember that I did the best I could every single day of your lives. If you take anything from me as a Mother, just remember that.




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Michelle James

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

This is very nice and I applaud you for taking part in this challenge and for putting yourself put there with your honesty to your kids. You are my hero!!!


Saturday 5th of November 2016

Aww, thanks my friend! I'm going to stick with what I know, but maybe throw a few curveballs! I am meeting a lot of great bloggers so that's a good thing!

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