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$100 Room Challenge-Colorful Craft Room Using The KonMari Method

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Today I’m sharing my plans for a Colorful Craft Room Using The KonMari Method for the $100 Room Challenge. I will add lots of DIY projects to save money!

$100 Room Challenge

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I’m excited to be participating in my first $100 Room Challenge  hosted by Lemons, Lavender and Laundry.  If you are not familiar with this challenge, it is a challenge where dozens of bloggers take one room in their home and transform it in one month, and with only $100 budget! We moved recently and I have not done anything with the third bedroom, which I planned to use as my craft room. The good news is, it is a blank slate so I can really take advantage of the space and give it my personal stamp! Let me show you the space and share my plans for this room:

 Broken Sleeper Sofa

Right now the only thing in the room is a broken sleeper sofa! Originally I planned to also use this room as a guest room, but it really isn’t necessary to have a bed in the room. So I plan to utilize the entire room to create a colorful craft room using the KonMari Method

What Is The KonMari Method?

Like so many of you, I am pretty obsessed with the new Netflix Series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. It is based on her best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. If you have not yet read this book and are interested in getting organized and decluttering, I highly recommend it! Who knew folding towels and sheets a certain way could be so addictive! If you’ve seen the show you know exactly what I’m talking about! 🙂

In short, it is only keeping what sparks joy and what you truly feel you will use in the future. That is very difficult in a craft room, because there are so many things that I may not plan to use now, like my yarn stash, but I definitely may use in the future. It will be important to let go of things to avoid clutter. The main method of KonMari that I want to incorporate in the craft room, is the organization tips she shares. For example, organizing items in boxes and storing them vertically, rather than flat. Here is an example of an excellent way to store fabric using this method that my friend, Erlene from My Pinterventures shared:


Not only is this organized, but it is also inexpensive as the foam boards are from the Dollar Store-genious! I am working on a round up of KonMari storage ideas for the entire home from some talented bloggers so stay tuned for that!

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Craft Room Plans

I shared my pretty in pink craft room makeover here from my old home. I learned a lot in updating that craft room. The main thing being, I did not have enough storage! If you are a crafter you understand how important storage is. But it is more than just having bookcases in the room. The craft supplies really need to be organized so you can see what you have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought more glue sticks, or a certain scrapbook paper, then I come home and find I already have more than enough of the same thing! 

Here are my plans:

  • Bring in two bookcases for storage, as well as a large media cabinet for my Cricut and die cutting machine.
  • Organize supplies with bins and boxes using the KonMari Method
  • Separate areas for a desk and a large craft table.
  • Add a feature wall with a colorful, removable wallpaper.
  • Artwork that inspires creativity and includes only things that spark joy! 
  • Small area rug if the budget allows.
  • Curtains and/or blinds for the windows.
  • Utilize the small closet to hold larger items that will not fit on shelves or bookcase. 

This large wall will be the feature wall and where I will place my desk. The walls are a greenish-gray and while I like the color, I really want to bring in a colorful wall paper that sparks joy! This room should be a warm and welcoming space that definitely inspires creativity! 

feature wall

A large bookcase that I already own will go into the space between the two windows. The bookcase will be given a makeover, as it is now a dark mahogany and I want this space to be light and bright. The bookcase will be filled with boxes and bins from the Dollar Store. These will also be updated in a fun way to keep costs down.  

New Craft Room

Desk and Craft Table

epoxy resin desk image

Last year I made a DIY Epoxy Resin Desk, which will be where I blog. This is my favorite DIY project to date. It is colorful with shades of pinks and blues, which I definitely want to incorporate in this craft room.

As a crafter, it is so important to have a separate space for crafting. One thing I learned in my old craft room is, if I don’t have an empty table to work on, the space gets cluttered very quickly. The table that was previously in my kitchen, will be moved to the craft room:


You can see how I made over this table here. This table is great as it is a drop leaf table, so I can open up it up if I need more room. It fits two chairs comfortably if I want to have a friend come over to craft with me! When I was looking up craft rooms to get ideas, I found a beautiful craft room space from Atta Girl Says that I just love! The colors are so pretty and are in the shades of pinks and blues that I love:


Another space that is so motivating is this organized and colorful space from Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY. Her craft room tour video is a must see and her tips and tricks for getting rid of craft supplies is something I plan to utilize as well. It is not easy to let it go, but I will try!


Don’t you just love the bright colors in this gorgeous space? Here is my motto for this craft room challenge:

I’m so excited to complete this space and look forward to sharing the process with you over the next month. Be sure to stop by and visit some of the other bloggers linked below to see what room they are making over. So many inspiring ideas! 

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Lauren | Mom Home Guide

Wednesday 1st of January 2020

Sounds great! I need to organize my craft room. I love the removable wallpaper idea. My craft room was once my twin 16 year olds’ baby room and is hand stenciled in a Pooh Bear theme. Nobody wants me to paint over it!

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Monday 28th of January 2019

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Saturday 26th of January 2019

Hi! I wanted to share my take on Marie Kondo's method if you were interested.... I need to organize my craft area... I'm working on it...

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Shirley Wood

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

I'm excited to see how your craft room turns out. If I know you, it will be simply fabulous! You are going to have so much fun on this challenge!

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