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Create a Whimsical Indoor Fairy Garden with Beautiful Tulips

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Create an adorable Indoor Fairy Garden with beautiful yellow tulips that can be planted in your garden after it blooms.

This sweet garden planter would make a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, birthdays or just because.

Though it is so pretty you might not be able to give it away!

Indoor Fairy Garden With tulips and mushroom garden decor

Today I’m sharing this adorable indoor fairy garden to celebrate #NationalGardeningDay with a few of my blogging friends.

So not only do you get to enjoy my upcycled garden project, but you get to enjoy the others as well.

And, let me tell you these ladies are upcycling queens, so you are in for a treat! Be sure to stop by to visit them with the links at the end of this post.

When I was planning what garden project I wanted to share, I remembered this galvanized bucket with rope handles that I’ve had for several years.

It was the perfect size for a fairy garden.

You may remember the fairy garden chair planter I made a few years back, or the outdoor fairy garden that was so popular on Pinterest.

Let’s get to this simple tutorial so you can make your own indoor fairy garden.

Supplies You Need to Make a DIY Fairy Garden

How to Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

Step 1. Add your Potted Plant

Start by adding your potted plant to the galvanized bucket. I picked up pretty yellow tulips from the local nursery.

Because it’s way too cold to start any outdoor gardening in New England, I left the plant in its pot.

That way I can plant the tulips in the yard after they bloom.

If you live in a warmer climate and want to make this an outdoor fairy garden, you can easily remove the plant from the pot and add it directly to the bucket with extra potting soil.

Just be sure to add a few drainage holes to the bucket.

Tulip in galvanized bucket

Step 2. Use Plastic Bags as a Filler

To save on spanish moss, I added tissue paper and plastic bags around the plant and filled it in nice and snug. Use whatever you have handy, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

Placing tulip in galvanized bucket

Step 3. Fill with Spanish Moss

Now you want to fill the bucket with spanish moss. Give it a little pat down so it’s nice and secure.

Adding moss to fairy garden

Step 4. Add Fairy Garden Accessories

Now for the fun part! Decide where you want your fairy garden pieces to go.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how many really cute pieces Dollar Tree had.

They had an entire end cap filled with goodies.

It’s best to play around with it first to decide where you want everything.

It reminded me of setting up my doll house as a kid!

Indoor Fairy Garden Close up of pathway

Start with your largest piece first. Then fill in around it.

The pathway was added next, then a few of the smaller fairy garden accessories.

Close up of Indoor Fairy Garden

Step 5. Hot Glue Fairy Garden Accessories

Once you are happy with the location of the pieces, go ahead and hot glue them.

If they don’t feel secure, you can place a small stone just under the moss and hot glue it to the stone.

Indoor Fairy Garden With frog and bird

At the last minute I decided to glue a few stems of silk flowers to give a pop of color to the fairy garden. It really made a big difference.

Indoor Fairy Garden With tulips

I’m really happy with how this little fairy garden came together.

It was inexpensive and super easy to make.

Plus, you can’t help but smile when you look at it!

Indoor Fairy Garden With tulips and mushroom garden decor

My daughter already claimed this for her bedroom.

Though I did remind her she had to water the tulips!

Hope you enjoyed this whimsical fairy garden.

If so, please share it with your friends and PIN the below image.

Indoor fairy garden pin with text
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Thanks for visiting. Happy gardening!

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Carlene Blair

Thursday 14th of April 2022

Super cute, Michelle!

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