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41 Insanely Delicious Leftover Ham Recipes To Try!

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Here are 41 leftover ham recipes including hearty soups, sandwiches and casseroles. This collection has meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Leftover ham doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive—there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating exciting dishes with this versatile ingredient.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy bowl of ham and potato soup or craving a flavorful quiche for brunch, these recipes cater to all tastes.

Say goodbye to monotonous reheated ham slices and say hello to an array of delicious recipes that will make you fall in love with leftovers all over again!

Leftover ham recipes collage

Leftover Ham Recipes

Our family loves a classic ham dinner, especially for the holidays.

We usually have both turkey and ham at Thanksgiving for that very reason.

But for whatever reason they are not much for heating up a plate of leftover ham.

So, I reached out to the food blogging community to ask for their BEST leftover ham recipes. They did not disappoint!

We made sure to include a variety of soups, casseroles, breakfast dishes and more, so there is truly something for everyone in this collection. Enjoy!

41 Leftover Ham Recipes

Get ready to hit that pin button to save these mouthwatering recipes to your favorite recipe board!

What do you think? Did you find a few new leftover ham recipes to try? We sure did!

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We hope you enjoyed these yummy leftover ham recipes.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.