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Make An Adorable Valentine’s Day Gnome Wreath

Learn how to make this adorable Valentine’s Day Gnome that you can use freestanding or add to a wreath like I show here.

Make An Adorable Valentine's Day Gnome Wreath

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I’ve been working on a few Valentine’s Day wreaths and couldn’t wait to share this DIY gnome wreath with you.

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The popularity of gnomes amazes me, but there is something about them that people love. They are in all the home stores and all over the web.

You can see the dollar store Christmas gnome I made, as well as this Christmas gnome door hanger and these pine cone gnomes.

My good friend is obsessed with them, so I really wanted to surprise her with a gnome wreath for her birthday.

I can’t show that one, because it will ruin the surprise, but while I was making it I decided to make a Valentine’s Day gnome to add to my Etsy shop. 

Valentine's Day Gnome Wreath

Isn’t it just adorable? You will not believe what I used to make the gnome.  You ready for the secret supply?
Here it is:
supplies for gnome wreath
Yup-a repurposed Purex Crystals bottle! Pretty cool, right? I’m always careful to create and decorate on a budget, so being able to repurpose items is so helpful. 
Here is the simple tutorial.

Valentine’s Day Gnome Wreath


Step 1.

Cover the Purex bottle with felt and cut it to size to cover about 3/4 of the bottle.

felt folded on purex bottle

Step 2.

Hot glue the felt around the Purex bottle. You want it to be snug. 

Felt cut for gnome

Step 3.

Cut a template for the gnome hat. The size is about 7″x7″.

felt for gnome hat

Step 4. 

Add a piece of wire to the hat. This will allow you to bend it if you want.

wire for gnome hat

Step 5.

Run hot glue along the length of the hat to secure it.

felt hat on bottle

Step 6.

Measure around the Purex bottle to determine the length of the fur needed. There is a tip for cutting faux fur. You don’t want to cut straight across.

The edges will be blunt. You want to cut the very bottom of the fur backing. That way the fur will still have the natural edge. 

cutting faux fur for gnome

Step 7.

Hot glue the fur around the top 1/4 of the Purex bottle. You want to cover the entire bottle.

fur on bottle

Step 8.

Now you want to cut a small piece of fur for the gnome’s beard. I just eyeballed it, but about a 3.5″ rectangle should do it.

gnome beard

Step 9.

Once the beard is in place, you can hot glue the gnome hat to meet up with the beard.

gnome beard

Step 10.

Add the wood bead for the gnomes nose using hot glue. 

wood nose on gnome

Step 11.

Use the paper punch to cut out glitter hearts to add to the gnome hat with a dab of hot glue.

If you are going to use the gnome freestanding, you are done. But if you want to add it to the grapevine wreath, you can attach it with floral wire.

pink ribbon

I also added a pretty pink wired bow to the grapevine wreath and a wired garland.

pink beads on gnome wreath

Instead of a pompom for the top of the gnome hat, I used a scrap of fur. 

gnome wreath diy

There you have it-an adorable Valentine’s Day gnome wreath that you can make in about 30 minutes. One way to keep costs down is to use a coupon for the faux fur.

That is the most expensive part of the gnome. Otherwise, this is a very inexpensive DIY.

I hope you enjoyed this fun craft. Have a great day!

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diy gnome pin image

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.