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Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Makeover with Wallpaper

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Bold metallic blue paint, pretty floral wallpaper and gold handles give this $3 thrift store mid century modern record cabinet new life.

Come check out the step-by-step tutorial to see how this thrift store storage cabinet went from an ugly duckling to a swan.

mid century modern record player cabinet before

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Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet

Thrifting is all about the hunt. There are some weeks when I hit my favorite Goodwill and I leave empty-handed.

The past couple of weeks I’ve found some diamonds in the rough and this vintage record cabinet is one of those finds.

This baby was only $3! Yup-just 3 dollar bills. It was a close call as another smart shopper spotted it first and I was patiently waiting hoping she didn’t scoop it up.

Thankfully, she had a shopping cart full of items so she left it. The minute I saw the record player storage I wanted it.

The cheap price was the icing on the cake.

$3 Goodwill record cabinet

I’ve been looking for a cabinet to hold my Cricut machine and knew this would be the right size.

My hope was that my Cricut mats would fit in the cabinet where vinyl records are normally held, and they do!

thrift store cabinet holding Cricut Maker

Plus, I can store cardstock, vinyl and other accessories on the second side. Now to get this beauty cleaned up and painted.

How to Makeover a Thrift Store Cabinet

There is a printable DIY card below with a step-by-step tutorial, but I will share some of my best furniture tips first. Giving old furniture new life is one of my very favorite things to do.

You can see  a collection of the DIY furniture makeovers I have completed over the past decade.

diy furniture makeovers collage.

Supplies for Thrift Store Cabinet Makeover

Clean the Cabinet

The first thing you want to do with any thrift store furniture is to give it a good cleaning.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive cleaning products. A simple mix of dish soap and hot water is all you need. It really is that easy.

Repair any Damage

Next up, you want to inspect your piece for any damage and repair it as needed.

Thankfully this cabinet was in good shape aside from a few scratches and watermarks.

Nothing a bit of sanding can’t take care of.

bar keepers friend

I did refinish the pretty, ornate handles with Bar Keepers Friend and they turned out great!

This is my first time using this product and the hype is real. I picked mine up at Lowe’s for under $3.

Look at the difference in the before and after:

Choose a Paint Color

I’ve been working on a multipurpose craft room/bedroom the past month or so. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress.

Like most crafters I have about 15 projects going at the same time. However, this cabinet has motivated me!

When deciding on what color to paint this thrift store find, I used the peel and stick wall paper that I purchased for the craft room as inspiration.

It is soft, feminine and just lovely:

floral wallpaper

I recently received a box of goodies from DecoArt and found the perfect colors. Some things are just meant to be!

matte metallics deep blue

Time for Paint

Now for the fun part…the paint transformation. The moment I paint the first stroke I get so excited. The Wooster short handle paint brush makes painting furniture so much easier.

Wooster shortcut

I decided to go with the metallic blue paint in sapphire. It compliments the wallpaper perfectly. Look at that shine!

metallic blue paint on cabinet

I wasn’t able to remove the handles, so a few touch-ups are needed, but the gold really pops against the bright blue.

Add Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Next up, I added cut wallpaper detail pieces to the front of the cabinet.

I’m really happy with how the cut floral pieces look on the cabinet front. It’s such a happy piece now!

finished mid century modern record player cabinet

Peel and stick wallpaper is super easy to work with. You may also want to see my hutch makeover with peel and stick wallpaper.

floral wallpaper

Paint the Legs

The wood legs looked dull against the blue paint, so I chose the paint the legs pink. This bring in another pop of color and highlights the pink in the wallpaper.

top of cabinet

Keep an eye out the next time you are thrifting for inexpensive furniture pieces that are in good physical condition, but in need of an update.

It is really amazing to see what you can find for cheap!

Finished Mid Century Modern Record Player Cabinet

My plan is to add this cabinet to my craft room once it is finished. I will share updated pictures of it once that’s done showing the Cricut with the mats.

For now, I have it set up in my bedroom as a nightstand. It really is such a versatile piece.

mid century modern record player cabinet

Not bad for $3, right?

side view of cabinet

Hopefully, this mid century modern cabinet makeover inspires you to give an old furniture piece an update.

Before and After

There really is nothing like a before and after picture to see the difference!

before and after thrift store cabinet

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thrift store record cabinet makeover

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thrift store cabinet makeover with wallpaper

Happy thrifting!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.