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5 Easy Tips For Decorating A Pretty Christmas Tree

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Today I’m sharing 5 easy tips for decorating a pretty Christmas Tree.

5 easy tips for Christmas tree decorating ideas

I’m no expert, but I love decorating trees. I hope you will find these tips for decorating a Christmas Tree helpful. 

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5 easy tips for decorating a

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It’s Day 10 and we are sharing our Christmas Tree!

5 Easy Tips For Decorating A Pretty Christmas Tree


Blush Christmas Tree


Like so many of you, I really enjoy decorating Christmas Trees and was the first one to help my Mom decorate our tree growing up.

In those days, it was all about the tinsel and not a little tinsel, but several boxes. It definitely sparkled!

Now the days of tinsel are over, but I still love a sparkly tree. You can achieve this with embellishments. I just shared this year’s Christmas Tree here.

For the first time, I incorporated blush and rose gold. It is just my daughter and I in our home, so we embraced our inner girly-girl!

Tip 1 Add Lights First If Not Pre-Lit

Most newer trees are pre-lit, but if your tree isn’t, the first thing you want to do is add the lights. I had an older tree until last year and hated stringing the lights!

There would always be a strand that wasn’t lit. So when I received a new tree from Tree Classics last year I was thrilled.

Not only was it pre-lit, but it has LED lights. If you are planning on purchasing a new tree (keep an eye out for after Christmas sales) I highly recommend LED lights.

You can see last year’s tree here.




Tip 2 Add Garland And/Or Ribbon

Garland and ribbon can make such a difference on a Christmas Tree. You can totally set the theme by the color and style that you choose.

You can see how my tree looks totally different this year from last year, despite being the same tree.

Last year’s tree was more of a farmhouse look using the creamy white ruffled ribbon. This year I found a pretty rose gold garland that inspired the elegant look I was going for. 


close up tree


Tip 3 Add Fillers Like Flowers and Picks

Probably the most important tip I can give you, is to add large silk flowers and picks to make a statement and set the theme for the Christmas Tree.

You can buy these after Christmas usually for 80% off. It’s a great way to change out the look of your tree for next year.

Also, I learned to add the large flowers first in a clockwise fashion at 12, 3, 6 and 9. Next, add pretty picks in a color that compliments the flowers.

Again, follow the same diagonal decorating idea that you used for the flowers.




Tip 4 Make A Statement With A Tree Topper

There are so many stunning tree toppers in the home stores. I have been eyeing this Moravian Star for some time.

Or how about a classic Christmas Angel like this one. You can also DIY a tree topper with ribbon or using flowers and Christmas picks like I did this year.

It is inexpensive and can really set the stage for an elegant tree!


tree topper


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Step 5 Don’t Forget The Bottom Of The Tree

Usually the presents under the tree come later-because Santa brings them, so you end up with an empty bottom.

You can really make it pretty by adding baskets or decorative items like a bowl full of ornaments to match your decor.

If you do have the presents ready to go, definitely have your wrapping paper match the decor of the tree.

It really adds such a cohesive touch and a little bit of a wow factor. This year I added an antique dough bowl filled with vintage pink ornaments.


dough bowl


Of course, Christmas ornaments can also really set the stage for a gorgeous tree.

One thing I have been doing for both of my children is to buy them a Christmas ornament each year that I plan to gift to them when they get married someday.

As they are 27 & 22 now, they have quite the collection representing something for each year of their life. I get very weepy looking back over them!


5 easy tips for decorating a Christmas Tree Our Crafty Mom


Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy the other Christmas Tree ideas! 

Scroll down for many more Christmas Tree decor ideas you can use this holiday season!


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Super Mom - No Cape!

Wednesday 12th of December 2018

What a beautiful tree! And great tips for decorating.


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Great tips for decorating! I like the idea of adding in florals or picks to the tree. Your trees are always beautiful!

Marie InteriorFrugalista

Monday 10th of December 2018

Excellent tree trimming tips here Michelle! I'd never heard of the clock dial trick but it certainly takes out the challenging guesswork when hanging ornaments. Your tree is beautiful and to be honest I think your topper is wonderful and way more interesting than just one store-bought item.

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