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Beautiful Christmas Home Decor Ideas For A Warm & Cozy Space

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Decorate your home, inside and out, with these warm and cozy Christmas home decor ideas.

Christmas home decorating ideas

I’m sharing warm and cozy Christmas home decor ideas as part of the Home for Christmas tour hosted by Leigh from The Little by Little Home.

So grab a cup of your favorite coffee, or hazelnut iced coffee, turn on some Christmas music, and settle in for some lovely Christmas inspiration.

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If you are visiting from The Little by Little Home, welcome!

We have a great group of bloggers sharing their festive Christmas homes with you.

Be sure to check them all out at the end of this post.

But first, let me show you a few of my favorite tips for warm and cozy holiday decorating ideas for both the inside and the outside! 

Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas For Doors And Porches

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun, and while many of us spend a lot of time decorating the inside of our homes, the outside is just as important.

Along with the windows, doors and porches are fun to dress-up, as are driveways and walkways.

Check out some of the following ideas for outdoor holiday decorating.

front porch little red truck christmas decor

Decorate the Front Door for Christmas

The first thing I do when decorating for Christmas, is to change out the wreath on my front door.

This wreath will determine how I decorate the rest of the porch and outdoor space.

For example, last year I made a little red truck wreath and decorated the porch in this same style. 

The front door is the natural place to start when decorating the outdoors for the holidays.

lighted red truck christmas wreath

Holiday Wreaths

If you want a natural wreath but don’t want to spend a lot of money, purchase a plain pine, cedar, or boxwood version and fatten it up with items from the garden.

Different types of leaves, pinecones, and berries make great additions.

If a dressier look is desired, add some velvet or satin ribbon.

I picked up this pretty pine wreath for $6 at the grocery store and added pine cones from my yard.

A few were painted to match the pretty minty green ribbon. 

Hanging a wreath is a traditional way to dress up a front door, but for something a little different, try hanging more than one.

A fun look is to hang three in a vertical fashion.

Elaborate or simple, wreaths add a touch of elegance to any front door.


Garlands look lovely draped around doorframes.

Like wreaths, pine and cedar garlands can be spruced up with additional embellishments.

You can usually pick them up for under $20 at the grocery store.

Try adding pinecones, berries, and other types of greenery, and also add weatherproof ribbons and strings of lights.

Christmas lights around the front door are a welcoming beacon during the dark winter nights.

fresh pine around door

To hang garlands screw small eye hooks into the wood part of the frame and use floral wire to secure the garland.

If there’s no wood frame, use masonry nails to anchor the wire to brick.

For a tailored look snap the garland at the corners.

Decorate the Porch for the Holidays

A warm and welcoming porch is a must for people who entertain guests over the holidays.

While that may not be the case this year, it’s still nice to come home too. 

wood sign

Here are some ideas for decorating a front porch:

  • Place long-lasting pillar candles in hurricane lamps along the front steps. Cylindrical glass vases work best to block wind and keep the candle from blowing out.
  • Alternatively, use flameless candles. They look great and are widely available in hardware stores. Add red winterberries or cranberries in the bottom of the vase for added festive beauty.
  • If there’s a bench on the front porch spruce it up for the season. Add an arrangement of holiday greenery, branches, and ornaments. Place it in a container on the seat.
  • Greenery-filled urns are lovely and can last a long time. One on either side of the door is a classic, uniform look.
  • For the holiday season wrap posts, pillars, and railings in lush, lit garlands.
  • Place a wire basket on a porch or near the front door. Fill it with greenery and large colorful glass ornaments for a simple but festive holiday welcome.
  • Take items normally used for other purposes and dress them up and display them for the holidays. String colored lights around a bicycle, or embellish an old sled with greenery, pinecones, and lights. Old-fashioned and charming, they make great welcoming decorations next to the front door.
wood lantern

Decorate Driveways and Walkways 

Long driveways and walkways also benefit from holiday decorations.

  • Accent paths with candles and lanterns. Not only does it provide a warm welcome, it also helps to light the way.
  • Place candles in galvanized metal pails filled with cranberries, pinecones, or other seasonal decorations and line the path. (Take the appropriate safety precautions and don’t use anything flammable. Also make sure the candle is secure and won’t fall over.) For added elegance, punch holes in the pail in a pleasing design. The light from the candle will provide a pleasant glow.
  • Try hanging lanterns or some other type of lamp on long stakes or poles set into the ground (Shepherd’s hooks work well and are available at most hardware stores.) If you don’t want to use any kind of candle or light, hang ornaments on them. They’ll add a nice splash of color against a snowy landscape during the day.
Entry-Bench-With-Pillows (1)

When it comes to decorating for the holidays don’t neglect the outdoors.

Front doors, porches, and walkways are a great place to create a warm and festive welcome for friends and family.

Front-Porch-Christmas (1)

Christmas Home Decor Ideas 

This year was a little different for me, aside from all the craziness that is 2020.

I’m a recent empty-nester so I decided to turn my daughter’s bedroom into a reading room.

I haven’t quite finished all of the projects yet, but I did have fun decorating it for Christmas.

My living room is small so it was nice to have extra space to set up my Christmas tree.

One of the things I wanted to do with my Christmas decor this year, was to use color and have fun.

It has been a stressful year and this was the perfect time to step out of my comfort zone.

Boy am I glad I did, because this blue flocked Christmas tree from King of Christmas, is one of my all-time favorites! 

full view blue flocked Christmas tree

Placing the tree in the corner by the window still leaves me space for my favorite reading chair and I can sit and enjoy the lights at night with a glass of  sangria, or red velvet chocolate martini.

tree at night

It’s the epitome of warm and cozy! Adding twinkle lights or a lighted village is another simple and inexpensive way to up the cozy factor.

Rather than bring out all of my ceramic houses, I was inspired by the adorable wood houses from the Decocrated Winter Box.

Decocrated is a home decor subscription box that is pretty amazing.

If you are not familiar with it, you can read all about it here and save $10 with my code OURCRAFTYMOM10.

Snowy Christmas Village Display

The wood slab desk on the side of the Christmas tree is the perfect size to display my collection of bottle brush trees, along with the pretty gingerbread style wood houses. 

christmas Holiday Home Tour Reading Room

The lighted wise men Christmas sign is a DIY from a few years ago.

It’s one of my favorite holiday pieces.


A wood sleigh shelf (also from Decocrated) holds my mini ceramic Christmas trees that all light up. 

room at night

Christmas Village Holiday Home Tour

I snipped some fresh pine from my yard and added it to the basket along with snowy branches of pine cones.

Bringing in the outdoors is one of my favorite ways to decorate.

And it keeps costs down!

tobacco baskets

A snowy winter tobacco basket completes this warm and cozy space in my reading room.

Here are my top 3 takeaways for creating a warm and cozy space in your home for Christmas:

  • Add lots of lights – twinkle lights, tree lights, the more the merrier!
  • Don’t follow any rule books-if you want a blue tree, get a blue tree 🙂
  • Decorate with pieces that you love and that hold special family memories.
yankee candle

When you are surrounded by things you love, no matter the size of your home, you will feel that sense of comfort and joy that we all are hoping for this holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas home decor ideas.

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Next up on the tour is Jen from Jenron Designs sharing a stunning travel tree.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Wishing you all a blessed and healthy holiday season!

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Carlene Blair

Tuesday 8th of December 2020

So many great ideas here! Not just in the empty bedroom!


Monday 7th of December 2020

Michelle, I love how you decorated outside too! Now come on over and help me out with my porch. 🙂

Lisa Silfwerbrand

Monday 7th of December 2020

I love all of your sweet Holiday touches Michelle! They make it look so cozy and festive. I love using things from nature as well... not only do they look good but they smell wonderful too. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Kelly Radcliff

Monday 7th of December 2020

Michelle I loved taking your tour! Your rules for creating a warm and cozy space are perfect. Also, I am in love with your DIY Wise Men sign you made. It's beautiful and what the season is all about! Merry Christmas...pinned for inspiration!

Jennifer Fancher

Monday 7th of December 2020

That wreath is so darling! I just love your home tour - everything is so welcoming and cozy!

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