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Easy Ways To Bring Autumn Decor Into Your Home

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Bring Autumn Decor Into Your Home with these simple and pretty fall home decorating ideas. 

orange pumpkin on table pin image

Autumn is a wonderful time to bring a splash of color to your home decor. Wreaths are one of the most popular ways to decorate for every season.

large fall wreath

They also happen to be my favorite craft, so I have several fall wreath ideas for you with tutorials below:


Using natural elements or inexpensive dollar store items, you can DIY some simple decorating projects to help you transition your home from summer to fall.

This Dollar Store Topiary was something I made several years ago, but I love bringing it out every year.

dollar tree topiary

If you are a fan of dollar store crafts, be sure to join my All Things Dollar Store Facebook Group.

With close to 7,000 members there are tons of budget-friendly ideas to inspire you. Hope to see you there!

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You can quickly put together vignettes for tables or mantels using fruits, gourds and pumpkins. 

Fall Outdoor Space Blog Hop-Front Entry Decor Our Crafty Mom

Decorate With Natural Elements

Gathering fall foliage and pinecones is a great way to keep fall decorating costs down.


chicken feeder with pine cones and pumpkins

Creating tablescapes, garlands, or lining stairways and steps with fall elements, is also an artful way to celebrate the change of seasons.


Small Fall Porch Our Crafty Mom


Color themes range from fiery reds and oranges to muted greens and brown tones.

fall cornucopia tablescape

Yellow and gold colors can add a punch of brightness while creamy white can help temper the stronger shades.

fall tablescape in rustic shades


Tastefully coordinating the colors is part of the fun of decorating for fall. 

Create A Farmhouse Fall Vignette Our Crafty Mom

If you have a monotone color scheme in a room, utilizing at least three autumn colors will certainly add a focal point that will get noticed.

Fall Home Tour 2016 Our Crafty Mom

Conversely, if you have a room with multiple colors, choosing a complimentary shade or two from the autumn tones will help your decor blend, while still bringing an element of the season into focus.


Here are a few simple DIY ideas to consider for easy fall decorating.

Hydrangea Wreath In Autumn Shades

Using a grapevine wreath form and faux hydrangea blooms purchased at a craft store, make a beautiful wreath for your door or wall.

You need no special skills for this project; it’s so easy. Choose hydrangea blooms in autumn shades such as yellow, brown, and cream.

Cut the stems short enough that there’s still enough stem left to stick in the grapevine wreath without the bloom falling off.

Continue this around the entire wreath, alternating colors of the blooms.

You don’t even need to glue them to the wreath form unless they’re not staying in place on their own.

Attach a complementary colored wide ribbon to the top to hang it. Easy!

dried hydrangea wreath

You can even decorate with dried hydrangea blooms like I show with this fall pumpkin centerpiece:

chinoiserie pumpkin with hydrangeas

and this hydrangea and sunflower centerpiece:


Fall Tablescape Blog Hop Our Crafty Mom


Mini Pumpkins Flower Arrangements

Use real mini pumpkins as a vessel to hold flowers. Use for a centerpiece or on a mantel for a pop of gorgeous color.

Carve out the center of each mini pumpkin, scoop out the flesh and seeds and line with foil so it can hold water for the flowers.

Use grocery store flowers, any kind, but with lots of greenery for pretty visual effect.

Set on your table or mantel, or elevate with a cake stand. You can use this same technique with a larger pumpkin for a bigger bouquet.

Mini pumpkins also work great as place cards.

See how I used white pumpkins (we call them mini boos) with a little bit of copper spray paint on the top.

mini pumpkin place cards

Simply slice a small opening in the stem to add your place card.

Bowl Of Autumn Bounty

One of the most simple ways to create a centerpiece is by using fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season.

For autumn, take any large bowl, and fill it with apples, pears and artichokes.

Use red and green apples, golden pears and green artichokes for a pretty color palette.


bounty of fruit for fall

Just pile them in and arrange artfully so it looks stunning no matter where you’re sitting at the table. 

You can use the same idea with mini gourds in a bowl. Simple!

Velvet Pumpkins

Whether you make velvet pumpkins like I show here, or purchase them, these are lovely ways to add a touch of fall to any room.

Mini velvet pumpkins can be grouped on  a tray for your coffee table, foyer table, or side table.

Arrange them on your fireplace mantel. If they’re larger pumpkins, line the first few steps of your indoor staircase with them.

velvet pumpkins on pedestal

Here’s an easy dollar store hack to make velvet pumpkins:

  • Purchase foam pumpkins, remove stems and cut a small circular scoop out of the top.
  • Using the hole in the top as an anchor starting point, hot glue strips of velvet from the top to the bottom, overlapping a bit, until the pumpkin is covered.
  • Attach a pretty glass knob to the top with hot glue.

Autumn Prints

There’s no shortage of gorgeous autumn printables available online.

Many are free and you can print out these digital files, frame them, and hang them on a wall, lean them against a wall, or display them in a bookcase in a frame with a stand.

You can even download the free mason jar and sunflower printables I shared HERE.

Free Watercolor Fall Printables

From scenes, elements or quotes, you’re sure to find the perfect print to accessorize your decor for autumn. 


I love Fall - Printable


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