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The Ultimate Collection of DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

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I’ve gathered all of the DIY Dollar Tree crafts and home decor projects that I’ve made over the past 10 years in one convenient place!

Are you a fan of DIY projects and home decor? Do you love finding affordable craft ideas that won’t break the bank? Well, this article is for you!

This collection has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Dollar store crafting is one of my favorite projects to make, especially for holidays.

Even I was surprised to see that I’ve made over 80 different DIY Dollar Tree crafts and home decor projects since I started this blog 10 years ago!

Instead of having to search for those crafts now everything will be in one handy spot to make it even easier for you to find some dollar store inspiration.

And, I plan to keep adding to it. I’m sure I’ll hit 100 before you know it.

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To make it super simple, I’ve broken it down into categories including Christmas crafts, fall decor, Halloween crafts and everyday projects that will hopefully inspire you!

With Dollar Tree being the go-to store for budget-friendly items, this collection is perfect for those who want to spruce up their living spaces without spending a fortune.

From stunning wall art to unique centerpieces, gnomes and upcycled crafts I’ve got all the inspiration you need to transform your home on a small budget.

Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

As a longtime shopper at dollar stores, I’ve learned to stock up on items when I see them. They really do sell out fast.

Here is a list of common craft supplies that I keep on hand in my craft closet. These are all items that you can find at most dollar stores.

Craft Tools

The great thing about just about all of these dollar store DIY crafts and home decor projects is that only a couple of common tools are needed.

Here are the most common:

Now let’s take a look at these budget-friendly crafts so you can get some ideas in plenty of time for the busy holiday season. Happy crafting!

The Ultimate Collection of DIY Dollar Tree Crafts

Transform your home with amazing DIY crafts made from Dollar Tree items! Get inspired with our ultimate collection of creative craft ideas and home decor projects.

Dollar Tree Fall and Halloween Crafts and Home Decor

A collection of beautiful fall crafts and Halloween home decorating ideas made with dollar store supplies and a little creativity!

Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts and Winter Decor

Add a little holiday cheer to your home with this festive projects.

Mason Jar Crafts

Use mason jars or other glass jars to create lovely home decor and gift ideas.

Valentine's Day Dollar Tree Decor

Get inspired to decorate for Valentine's Day with these simple crafts.

St. Patrick's Day Dollar Store Crafts

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

Dollar Tree Easter Crafts and Decor

Check out these creative Easter decorating ideas.

Patriotic Crafts for Fourth of July and Memorial Day

Get creative with fun and festive patriotic crafts perfect for summer holidays!

Let me know which one of these dollar store crafts is your favorite. I’ll add to this list as I continue to make new projects.

I hope you enjoyed this collection. It was fun to put together!


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Pat Satran

Friday 19th of April 2024

Hi Michelle, I purchased the mini birdhouses my question what do I use to hang them after they’re decorated? They’re so fragile don’t want to put a hole in them not that I would know how, is there a hook that can be attached to the roof? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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